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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Limerence

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About What Is It ? Uncontrollable , overwhelming desire for someone Crystallization Realize nothing is A state of infatuation or obsession with another person that involves an all - consuming passion and intrusive thoughts . STAGES ever going to happen . STOP MAKE IT HOW TO Infatuation They are the solution to all of your problems Deterioration LIMERENCE FIND OUT IF YOU'RE A LIMERENT LIMERANCE vs. LOVE What Is A Limerent ? A person experiencing limerence .. What Is A Limerent Object ? The person the limerence is focused on . You're scared of genuine connection . " You complete me . " You ignore red flags . Glimmer : the 25 immediate sense You neglect yourself , that something is potent about the other person . It can be in the way they look , talk , smell , or act . AKA the spark . You want them whether they're good for you or not . ( STOP You're drawn to someone All about the chase . Meaningful connection Stable Bonding through mutual connection , interests , empathy & shared experiences HOW IT ALL BEGINS Response : If the feeling is reciprocated , everything gets amplified . There's a desire to be around the other person all time and their opinion matters , but there's also a sense of nervousness around them . It can happen with anyone @ anytime . Accept flaws ♡♡ ♡♡ Intimate B Unconditional mutuality Enhances your life , Uncertainty : Fueled by wanting what you can't have , unpredictable reciprocation and mixed signals , an obsession is born . Go no contact . Treat them like they are a threat to your wellbeing . Avoid them . No " accidental " run - ins . Undo the idealization . Instead of focusing on all the parts of them you'd like to put your hands on , find a flaw and fixate on it . Find a new limerent object . That could be reconnecting with your partner or finding a new romantic interest . Tell your limerent object how you feel . It will go one of two ways . Either way , you're out of limerence . ADDITIONAL RESOURCES

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Limerence

shared by shannon10 on Jan 27
Infographic about Limerence, that little-known word that describes that overwhelming feeling you have when you meet potentially The One.


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