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Everything you didn't know about condoms

CONDOMS CON DOM ANIA THE THINGS YOU DIDN'T KNOW, DON'T NEED TO KNOW AND PROBABLY DON'TWANT TO KNOW ANYWAY... THE PHRASE'CAN YOU REUSE A CONDOM' PRODUCES MORE THAN 620,000 Wish you were here RESULTS ON GOOGLE. Which maybe goes to show why the number one reason for contraceptive failure is USER ERROR. Welcome to FILL HER UP! CONDOM A Condomania condom was filled with 47 litres of air and it didn't break. There is a town on the Via Podiensis in France called Condom. The centre-piece of That's one less thing to be worrying about as the average male only ejaculates something like 5-7ml (that's a generous teaspoon full give or take). this town is the Condom Cathedral. Erected in 1506 it's famous for having a large, rather ornate organ. That's even more reassuring for a Blue Whale though, they ejaculate over 15 litres of sperm. And before you say it, that does not explain why seawater is salty. They must know a thing or two about condoms here as the population has dropped from 7,298 in 1806 to 7,099 in 2009. CONDOM =1 1 HOW BIG..! %3D The biggest condom in the world measured a whopping 72 feet tall..! Many young people like to keep a condom or two handy just in case they manage to get lucky and score at the local disco. But did you know the word 'condom' is worth 11 points in a game of scrabble. Get lucky with the 'M'or'C' on a triple letter box and you've got yourself a score of 20! 72 THEY'RE FOR A FRIEND, NOT ME... A recent survey asked 2000 people what the most condoms 38% 54% 73% embarrasing thing they have had to buy was. laxatives It was fitted over the giant obelisk in the Place de la hemorroide cream Concorde in Paris to mark World AIDS Day. In 1844, Charles Goodyear obtained the first patent Condoms have been around for thousands of years. Early condoms were once made from sheep intestine. It sounds icky but don't forget, even now, sheep intestine is used for sausages, instrument strings even some sutures used by vets. on a crepe rubber condom. Yes, the very same chap whose tyres are on many modern cars. 5,000,000,000 condoms are' sold every year THE DANISH WORD FOR CONTRACEPTION IS SVANGERSKABSFOREBYGGENDEMIDDEL HANDY FOR MORE THAN JUST A BIT OF HANKY PANKY... ICON CON During World War 2, US Soldiers used condoms on the barrel of their rifles to stop sand and dirt jamming their CON CON OM DON DOM D ANIA ANI. Extra Ribbed Ex Passion Passio CE CE 0120 FANIA AN CE 0120 weapons. CE 0120 CE Condoms full of flour CON DOM ANIA were once thrown at British Prime Minister, After a few too many drinks, a female passenger on a Caribbean cruise fell overboard. Luckily she had a pack of condoms and by blowing them up, she kept herself afloat for three days before being rescued. Tony Blair as he spoke in the House of Commons Yossion during the weekly half-hour question and answer session. Campaign group Fathers 4 Justice claimed responsibility. SUTHERLAND HEALTH Condomania make lovemaking more fun and exciting. Choose from our wide range of condoms available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, textures and flavours. Visit or find us on Facebook. GROUP PLC Copyright 2012 Sutherland Health Group. Design:

Everything you didn't know about condoms

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Facts and statistics about condoms that you won’t believe, including the world’s largest condom and unusual uses for condoms.


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