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Everything About Relationships

EVERYTHING ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS Love at first slaght Girls Bay 46% 56% 54% 44% 54% have 44 % have not 56% have not 46% have not experienced it experienced it experienced it experienced it Men love the GUYS hate märrage Women are Women thought of marrage are clingy Independent Myths Older people don't care about sex Older couples find sex more pleasurable than young couples Facts HOok ups never turn into relationships 35% of hook ups turn into relationships ACCor ding to a recent survey. "I love you" means. I want to spend mg life with you I want in you my life 14% 31% 19% 30% I want to have a committed I care about you relationship Sweet vs→ Sour Dedicated SeRf-Centered $X Hard-Working / Rude X Alcoholic X Lover Caring Immature X Attention / Hurtful X Friendly Anti-Social X Emotional V Aggressive X Protective Detached X хохо Did you know... A fypical french KISS moves 29 Did you know... The worlds longest KISS fook place in muscles in the face. NYC lasting 30 hours, 59 minutes Did you know... and 27 seconds. YOur lips are l00 times more sensitive than the tips of your fingerS. Хохо 9 out of lO people seek someone they'll boe able to trust and condfide in 4 out of 10 Americans use online dating services 5 out of 10 break ups occur throvgh text Just Remember. Love Iw Love Rally Iw Love My Brought to you by: Feenage Designed by: MICHAELII ARCIOLA Dream

Everything About Relationships

shared by myteenagedream on Sep 16
Thought you knew everything about a relationship? Well think again! Here are some fun and unknown facts about relationships.


Love and Sex
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