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Divorce Is Not The Only Option

THE ANATOMY OF AN AFFAIR WHY DON'T THEY LAST? Reliable research on infidelity is hard to come by. It's not surprising that people lie or avoid answering pollsters on the subject altogether. Even so, research shows that.. 41% of couples that their % admit 84% marriage was infected at least once by physical or emotional infidelity of people consider affairs to be immoral 10% believe affairs are not a moral issue 4% say affairs are morally acceptable According to a 2014 Journal of Marital and Family Therapy research According to a 2013 Pew Research Center Study on Infidelity If the vast majority of people in the US believe that cheating is wrong -why is infidelity so rampant? The Normal Bar, a 2011 survey that polled over 100k people reported that THE ANATOMY OF AN AFFAIR 33% 19% of men of women WHAT CAUSES A SPOUSE TO CHEAT? admitted to being SEXUALLY UNFAITHEUL Affairs can happen for a variety of reasons Low self-esteem Relationship deficits (e.g., lack of affection) Social context in which infidelity is condoned "It happened only once.» "It happened 2-5 times." Couples admitted to giving in to the temptation of infidelity because of: Men Women 23% 17% 33% 36% of men of women of men of women 71%/49% 21% / 32% Ran into a previous crush or boyfriend / girlfriend Boredom That means over 40% of both men and women admitted 36% / 13% Out of town business trips 46% / 19% Higher "than normal" sex drive their affairs happened on a more consistent basis 52 of people who reported dissatisfaction with %% their sex lives responded that they would be tempted to act on an attraction outside of their relationship 17° 7% of sexually satisfied respondents said the same Only THE CHEMISTRY O F LOVE THE EFFECT OF BIOCHEMICALS Falling in love and strong sexual attraction can exist separately because each involves separate biochemicals ОН Туг HN. NH, Cys HN Но NH, Pro Cys I lle Leu HNO Gin НО H;N O Asn NH2 NH2 Phenylethylamine (PEA) Dopamine Released in the pleasure center of the brain causing feelings of euphoria that lead to infatuation Testosterone Oxytocin Drives sexual attraction Creates connections between nerve cells Chemical that creates bonds between in the brain and raises adrenaline people & is associated with orgasm e.g., Increased heart rate & other physiological responses e.g., Similar to the addictive nature of cocaine or alcohol e.g., High levels are present in women just before giving birth e.g., urge to mate Although these chemicals might trick someone into believing they met their soul mate through an affair, the average affair only lasts around 6 months What Counts as Infidelity and Who Decides? Even the "experts" sometimes have differing opinions Sexual Emotional • Greater emotional intimacy than in the marital relationship • Secrecy and deception from the spouse • Sexual chemistry • Sexual intercourse infidelity infidelity • Other physical sexual acts means: теans: Emotional affairs differ from platonic friendships Cyber infidelity 35% of all divorce litigations cite Do you consider a cyber affair to be infidelity? means: internet affairs as YES 46% MEN NO cause for divorce WOMEN YES / 71% NO Adultery's definition lies in the foundation of a relationship Individuals know if they have breached the rules of their established relationship-no matter what the experts say According to a 2006 Divorce Magazine survey Many people believe that if physical sex hasn't occurred, a "cyber affair" is not a "real affair" WHAT TO DO IF YOUR SPOUSE IS HAVING AN AFFAIR? According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, The irony is that the pain of an affair may be the turning point in your marriage If you want to save your marriage and reconcile your relationship... Extramarital involvement (EMI) is the catalyst for approximately 50% of couples who seek marital counseling DON'T HANG IN KILL 'EM WITH SPY THERE KINDNESS • Be a leader, not a follower • The vast majority of affairs end within a year • Treat your spouse the way you want to be treated • Extend kindness so your spouse can't justify their betrayal • Violating your spouse's trust will only make matters worse • You both might see the future of your marriage in a new light once the affair has run its course THINGS GO WRONG IN EVERY MARRIAGE. It's how you respond to the trial that determines the outcome for your relationship! Visit to learn more about how you can overcome infidelity and work towards healing in your marriage. Sources: Mort Fertel is the creator of the Marriage Fitness Tele-Boot Camp which is attended by thousands of couples battling infidelity each year. DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

Divorce Is Not The Only Option

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When you find out your spouse is cheating, divorce is not the only option. Learn more about preventing divorce from this infographic.





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