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Divorce In America

DIVORCE IN AMERICA Just About 50%** OF ALL MARRIAGES END IN DIVORCE *** FREQUENCY OF DIVORCE TOP 5 REASONS PEOPLE GET DIVORCED SURVEY SAYS... 6,646 1 Poor communication DIVORCES PER DAY 2 Finances In America, there is one divorce every 3 Abuse 46,523 DIVORCES PER WEEK 13 seconds. 4 No longer attracted to one another 5 Infidelity You're more likely to get divorced if you've been married before... 41% o 60% o 73% OF 1ST MARRIAGES OF 2ND MARRIAGES OF 3RD MARRIAGES END IN DIVORCE END IN DIVORCE END IN DIVORCE Celebrity Divorce Stats MOST EXPENSIVE MOST SHORTEST MARRIAGES MARRIAGE Mel Gibson paid his ex-wife $425M, the largest celebrity divorce settlement on record. Zsa Zsa Gabor has Britney Spears was married to her friend, Jason Alexander, for a been married 9 times. Her current marriage has lasted 27 years. mere 55 hours. You're LESSLIKELY You're MORELIKELY to get divorced if. to get divorced if. It's your first marriage One or both of you are smokers Your parents are still married One person does all the chores You are over the age of 25 You hang out with divorced people You went to college You met in a bar You live in a blue state You have a daughter instead of a son You are an atheist You have money problems Jobs with the Jobs with the LOWEST HIGHEST DIVORCE RATES DIVORCE RATES DIRECTORS OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES AND EDUCATION 5.88% DANCERS AND CHOREOGRAPHERS 43.05% CLERGY 5.61% BARTENDERS 38.43% TRANSIT POLICE 5.26% MASSAGE THERAPISTS 38.22% OPTOMETRISTS 4.01% GAMING CAGE WORKER 34.66% EXTRUDING MACHINE OPERATOR AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERS 1.78% 32.74% STATES WITH THE HIGHEST DIVORCE RATES *** 14.2% 13.6% 12.9% 12.8% 12.6% NEVADA MAINE OKLAHOMA OREGON VERMONT * STATES WITH THE LOWEST DIVORCE RATES 9.4% 9.1% 8.4% 8.2% 8.1% HAWAII MASSACHUSETTS NEW YORK NEW JERSEY N. DAKOTA HOW DIVORCE Children from divorced families are 2x more likely to drop out of high school AFFECTS CHILDREN Children who have experienced a divorce frequently have lower academic achievement 25% of adolescents who have experienced divorce become disengaged from their families Children from divorced families are more likely to have academic, behavioral, and psychological problems 1/3 DIVORCE 54% OF DIVORCE LITIGATION IS OF MEN DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ONLINE AFFAIRS ARE ADULTERY CAUSED BY ONLINE AFFAIRS AND THE INTERNET 75% 30% OF CYBER AFFAIRS ESCALATE OF MEN SURVEYED THINK IT'S FROM E-MAIL TO TELEPHONE CALLS TO PERSONAL CONTACT OKAY TO VISIT AN ADULT WEBSITE Sites catering to divorcées is one of the fastest growing niches in the online dating industry Has he or shebeen marriedbefore? INSTANT Kcheckmate" Find marriage and divorce records, arrest records and more at Find the truth about anyone / / / / SOURCES / / /

Divorce In America

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Discover some surprising statistics about divorce in America! Find out which factors will make you more or less likely to get divorced.


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