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Defining Hookup Culture: What is a Hookup?

HO KING но НOOKUPS DEFINING HOOKUP CULTURE WHAT'S A HOOKUP ? 27% 32% 14% 15% 14% 11% 43% 36% 11 1 KISS HAND TO ORAL SEX VAGINAL GENITAL HOW WELL ? DO YOU KNOW YOUR HOOKUP 15% 11% 24% 19% 20% 21% 23% 24% 18% 24% 11 NOT AT ALL A LITTLE BIT SOMEWHAT MODERATELY VERY WELL WELL Students are more likely to have sex with casual dates or pickups than the earlier demographic (44.4% in 2002-2010 vs. 34.5% in 1988-1996) (Monto). STUDY SMASHING GOOD TIME During a typical hookup, 40% of participants reported feeling good, aroused, or excited, 17 % desirable or wanted, 17 % noth- ing in particular or were focused on the hookup, 8% embarrassed or regretful, 7% nervous or scared, 6% confused, and 5% proud (Garcia) 40% FEELING GOOD 17% NOTHING IN PARTICULAR 17% WANTED 26% OTHER THE MORNING AFTER ? The morning after a hookup a study showed, 82% of men and 57% of women were generally glad they had done it (Garcia). 82% 57% T1 WILL THEY CALL? 77% 68% 78% 69% TEXT OR CHAT PHONE OR IN PERSON HIT IT AND QUIT IT The strongest predictor of hook-up behavior was having previously hooked up – those who engaged in penetrative sex hookups were 600% more likely than others to repeat this over the course of a university semester (Garcia). - Students often hook up with the same person. Although 50% of students who "never hooked hooked up before," about up 20% hooked up "ten or more times." BUYERS REMORSE 61% 23% 13% 3% FEW REGRETS NO REGRETS SOME REGRETS MANY REGRETS In a report of 152 female undergraduate students, 74% had some regrets from uncommitted sex: 61 % had a few regrets, 23% had no regrets, 13% had some regrets and 3% had many regrets (Garcia). In a study of 169 sexually experienced men and women surveyed in singles bars, when presented with the statement, "I feel guilty or would feel guilty about having sexual intercourse with someone I had just met," 32% of men and 72% of women agreed (Garcia). Women expressing guilt was more than twice that of men of men 32% 72% BURNIN RUBBER IN A SAMPLE OF 1,468 COLLEGE STUDENT OUT OF 429 46% STUDENTS Only 46.6% reported using a condom (Garcia). Who had engaged in oral sex, anal sex or vaginal intercourse in their most recent hookup IT WAS FUN BUT.... WILL THEY STILL RESPECT ME 33% 23% RESPECTED PARTNER LESS 21% 55% FELT RESPECTED LESS NOT INTERESTED IN A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH LAST HOOKUP PARTNER BEFORE HOOKUP AFTER HOOKUP 39% 25% 47% 34% 11 11 "MOST HOOKUPS ON'T LEAD TO DATES, BUT MANY RE LATIONSHIPS COME FROM HOOKUPS" (ENGLAND) STUDENTS STATED THEY ACTUALLY STARTED TO LIKE EACH OTHER IN THIS NE W SOCIETY, HOOKUPS PRECEDE DATING. MEN ARE CLEARLY IN CONTROL OF THIS SOCIAL FORM, IS THIS BETTER OR WORSE? OLOV. LOVAPP.CO

Defining Hookup Culture: What is a Hookup?

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A visual representation of research compiled on the topic of Hookup Culture.


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