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Credit History Can Predict Divorce

HOW CREDIT HISTORY CAN PREDICTO DIVORCE A long-term pattern of hiding money or having secret credit cards could signal deeper rifts, and perhaps even be a sign that the individual is preparing to leave the marriage or relationship DIVORCED/SEPARATED COUPLES IN THE U.S. WERE SURPRISED TO FIND: 45% FINANCIAL SKELETONS FOUND had a low 19% credit score IN THEIR SPOUSE'S CLOSET carried large 13% amounts of debt COD had declared 3% bankruptcy in the past ADMIT TO BEING DISHONEST WITH THEIR SPOUSE ABOUT SPENDING HABITS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF MONEY LIES 58% HID CASH 54% HID A MINOR PURCHASE 30% HID A BILL 16% HID A MAJOR PURCHASE 15% HID A BANK ACCOUNT 11% LIED ABOUT DEBT 11% LIED ABOUT EARNINGS 60% CLAIM SPENDING WAS KEPT SECRET TO AVOID PROBLEMS AT HOME FINANCIAL ISSUES CARRY A GREAT DEAL OF EMOTIONAL WEIGHT When compared to a number of other issues, research has shown that financial disagreements last longer, and generate more negative communication techniques like defensiveness and yelling. 9 SIGNS OF FINANCIAL INFIDELITY Credit card statements that Income tax returns which 11 reflect charges for flowers, jewelry, lingerie or other gift items that the wife did not reveal unexplained or previously unknown travel-related deductions personally receive An increase in Unauthorized or surprise withdrawals from joint ATM withdrawals bank accounts A sudden decrease in disposable income Deposit slips or bank statements that indicate the existence of a previously unknown checking or savings account in the name of only the wife or husband The liquidation of assets, such as stocks and bonds, Financial records, including canceled checks, receipts, money orders or other documents, that indicate he/she's maintaining a separate residence or has been paying someone else's bills stamp or coin collections and artwork, without a plausible explanation Misrepresentation of or failure to mention raises, bonuses or overtime pay SPENDING SECRETS AND LIES PURCHASES SPOUSES HIDE FROM EACH OTHER When women don't want to tell the truth about a particular purchase, they will start planning an excuse from the moment they order the purchase online or receive it in store MEN WOMEN ALCOHOL WOMEN ADMIT TO RIPPING PRICE 19% 8% 8 OF 10 TAGS OUT OF NEWLY PURCHASED CLOTHES ITEMS BEFORE RETURNING HOME 24% 43% 32% 17% MUSIC OF WOMEN KEPT HIDDEN PURCHASES FROM THEIR PARTNER OF MEN DID THE SAME 14% 6% GIFTS 12% 21% 60% DATING WEBSITES Believe financial Infidelity is as destructive as sexual infidelity 4% 1% MAJOR SOURCES OF DEBT PERCENT OF HUSBANDS AND WIVES Centificate ELn ASA AUTOMOBILE 55% CREDIT CARD 48% SCHOOL DEBT 23% MEDICAL DEBT 12% CAUSES LOWER MARITAL SATISFACTION OFTEN CONSIDERED NECESSARY DEBT PERCENT OF INDIVIDUALS WHO BROUGHT DEBT INTO MARRIAGE 57% 35% 9% Brought one of the above types of debt Brought two of the above types of debt Brought three of the above types of debt GET OUT OF DEBT AND STAY OUT OF DEBT SOURCES: QCredit

Credit History Can Predict Divorce

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Research shows that how you use credit during the holidays can provide important clues about how well you and your spouse are getting along. Experts say credit usage can even predict divorce! Here’s how.


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