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Civil Marriage in Lebanon (English)

Civil Marriage Lebanon is famous for the variety of its sects and religion, the same reason for its political turmoil. Yet the recent co-existencial problems focused on the topic of civil marriage and the familial issues that tag along, such as divorce, child custody, and so forth. Currently, the insituation of marriage is solely existent in the hands of religion, but will the notion of freedom of choice and belief overcome the norm? A Topic across Generations Establishment's decision 60 L.R (a numbering of the decisions that were taken by the High Commissioner) that recognizes and organizes sects and recognizes the freedom of individuals 1936 - ~1950 · Efforts have been made to legalize civil marriage in Lebanon but to no avail President Elias Hrawi drafted bill for a non-manadatory civil marriage. 1998 - The bill was approved by the Council of Ministers It was neglected due to the opposition from Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and many religious authorities Shaml, a group of 14 NGOS submitted a draft law for civil marriage to parliament. The draft law was never even put up for debate or committee studies 2011. 2012 - The first Civil Marriage in Lebanon Facing Reality in the Legitimacy of the Constitution The first civil marriage in Lebanon occurred by removing "religion" from official papers The marriage was legalized under Article 60 from 1936 Despite that, the marriage didn't pass the Judicial Council due to the lack of civil law in Lebanon The Need for a Civil Law Civil Law Lebanon is part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 60 LR organizing religious sects dating back to 1936 Protecting freedom of expression and belief Solution: Marriage in Cyprus The number of Lebanese couples opting for civil marriage has steadily increased 2008 432 2009 600 2010 800 2011 How to Get Married in Cyprus 0830 Flight from Rafic Hariri International Airport 09 00 Landing in Larnaca, Cyprus Beginning of ceremonies Initiate paperwork at Cypriot Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Lebanese Embassy 0100 Completion of the required paperwork 1045 Back to Beirut Ease and Speed of Operation Travel agencies now offer civil marriage packages to Cyprus and Greece based on the couples' preferences Nadia Travel: $1900 lCyprus) Wild Discovery: (Gprus) $1500 - $2200 (Greece) $3500 Planning doesn't exceed 3-5 days 15% MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN 5 6 Increase in Demand Per Year Who Seeks Civil Marriage? 25% 60% Plan to Marry from a different sect Are lebanese with dual nationalities or plan to marry a non-lebanese 10% Previously Divorced What do Lebanese Say? Favoring Civil Marriage MARONITE Against Civil Marriage ORTHODOX Not Interested 47.4% CATHOLIC 22.7% 21% 10.8% 36% 26% SUNNI 20.4% 18.7% SHIITE 14.9% 38.6% DRUZE 58.8% 53.1% 22.5% 46.5% 26.5% 63.2% 41.3% 31.6% What Did They Say? Approving the registration of Nidal and Khouloud's wedding paves the way for a modern civil society and out of secularism President Michel Sleiman - February 12, 2013 Civil Marriage is a sensitive issue and we cannot afford another dispute in the country Prime Minister Najib Miqati - November 28, 2012 Any Muslim politician in the legislative and executive government who approves on legalizing civil marriage will be an apostate and outside the religion of Islam Mufti Mohammad Rashid Kabbani - January 29, 2013 We support compulsory civil marriage and a personal status law Maronite Patriarch Bechara El Rahi - November 29, 2012 Civil marriage requires a law that clearly defines the rights and duties of married couples and organizes their marriage before it and after, and delves into the details of the rights of each, divorce, heritage, and so forth Minister of Interior Marwan Charbel - January 21, 2013 Freedom is a choice, Not an option ANicocoHayek f /nicolas.hayek in / Created and Designed; Nicolas El Hayek A special thanks to Rasha Abou Zaki Sources: a e dal a approved_interior_minister says for_civil_marriage a calua-E iagogial-ljl a-Lyašlizib-gkaial-a الدولية ل لمعلومات - شباط ۰۷ ۲۰ 2013 cc BY-NO-ND Number of couples

Civil Marriage in Lebanon (English)

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The recent turmoil regarding the civil marriage has affected the lives of all lebanese citizens and politicians alike. Shackled between tradition and the needs of modern society, the notion of allowin...





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