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Building Blocks of Successful Relationships

BUILDING BLOCKS OF Successful Relationships The 3 Basic Foundalions of Relationships RESPECT TRUST LOVE Is reciprocal - you must give to receive Means giving the benefit of the doubt Is ultimately dependent on another person Is a commitment, not a convenience Is a voluntary attitude Is an emotional response to another person Requires daily work and dedication Is about truly listening Is a choice and a conscious act of will Generates consideration Requires walking in your partner's shoes Means being willing to take a risk ULTIMATELY, SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS RELY ON ACCEPTANCE, SUPPORT AND THE FEELINGS OF SAFETY AND SECURITY Healithy Relationship Habits THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS YOU Focus on the good qualities and characteristics of your partner. EXPRESS AFFECTION Physical displays of affection, however small or subtle, are important. THINK ABOUT YOUR PARTNER WHEN ABSENT Out of sight, out of mind is not a healthy mentality. SHARE NEW ACTIVITIES Novel or challenging activities can enhance a loving relationship. SHARE MUNDANE ACTIVITIES Shared everyday chores and experience can improve emotional bonds. ENGAGE IN INTERCOURSE Sexual activity helps maintain long-term love and happiness. The Old, Married Couple love A STUDY OF MARRIAGES OF 10 OR MORE YEARS CONDUCTED AT STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY BUCKED THE COMMON BELIEF THAT LOVE FADES OVER THE COURSE OF A MARRIAGE. 40% of married couples said they were "very intensely in love" Marriages of 30+ years: 40% of women said they were very intensely in love 2! 35% of men said the same 15% rated their marriages second highest on the love intensity scale SOURCES: mons/02-14-10-the-four-pillars-of-a-relationship ment-any-age/201206/the-12-ties-bind-long-term-relationships Swinton & Associates Counseling

Building Blocks of Successful Relationships

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Many allow unhealthy habits to dominate their relationships, leading to the need for couples therapy. Avoid that path by educating yourself on the building blocks of a successful and healthy relations...


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