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A Brit's Guide to Getting Married Abroad

A Brit's Guide to Getting Married ABROAD The average guest is likely to pay around One in six £ 2000 couples are now choosing to get married abroad to attend a wedding overseas, compared to £500 for a wedding held in the UK. Couples can save up to One in ten £10,000 on the cost of their wedding if they choose to get married abroad as costs of suppliers are lower and the wedding and honeymoon can be rolled into one to cut costs further. £7.3 billion guests say they have had to tum down an invitation to has been spent over the last 5 years by quests who have been part of a wedding abroad, with this money spent on travel costs, accommodation, gifts and new outfits. attend a marriage abroad due to it being too expensive. Almost a quarter of guests who have attended a wedding abroad said they had to cut back on their own annual holiday or not have one at all in order to be able to attend. ADVANTAGES of Getting Married Abroad DISADVANTAGES of Getting Married Abroad You may not be able to invite all of the friends and family members you'd have liked there due to budget constraints, which ultimately means some of the people cosest to you missing out on your special day Guaranteed good weather unlike the inconsistent weather here in the UK Cheaper overall despite initial costs for travel and insurance as suppliers are considerably cheaper than in the UK Great for an intimate celebration with a smaller number of close family and friends Some countries require significant amounts of paperwork to be filled in before you can legally marry there Once the ceremony is over, you are already in your honeymoon location so can sit back and relax without the prospect of travelling anywhere As you will not be in the country in A the lead up to your wedding, you will undoubtedly have less control over what is going on than you would if the wedding was in the UK It may be more dfficult to find time for you and your partner to O spend alone together after the ceremony as all guests will have travelled with you and will be in the same resort as you afterwards YOU MUST NOT FORGET TO... Ask plenty of questions to your travel operator, wedding organiser and those in charge of the venue as well as getting everything in writing so you have proof of the details discussed Become fully aware of your chosen airline's luggage policy and how they can help you transport large, delicate items such as your wedding dress Check whether any vaccinations are required or tablets need to be taken as health precautions for your chosen country before then informing your guests in plenty of time, as some need to be taken a number of months before you travel Make sure your venue has an indoor area available and is set up so you and guests can escape the heat if it gets too hot or grab some shelter if the weather takes an unlikely turn for the worse FACTS, RULES AND REGULATIONS FOR WEDDINGS IN FOREIGN COUNTRIES Should you be looking to get married in France, It may be wise to have a civil ceremony here in the UK first before undertaking a religious or symbalic ceremony when in France as the residency requirements and legal documents are very complex. If you wish to get married in Cyprus, you must be there for 3 CYPRUS clear working days before your wedding day as a residency requirement. For instance, if you wish to have your civil ceremony in France, one of the couple to be married needs to have been in France for 40 continuous days immediately prior to the wedding As the most isolated group of islands in the whole world, getting married in Hawaii ensures you can embark on pretty much anything you can think of for your wedding ceremony! For weddings in Italy, you must obtain a 'Certificate of No Impediment' here in the UK before then going to the local British Consular Office in Italy upon your arrival to collect the Nulla Osta'. Certificate of No Impediment HAWAII From an underwater marriage in the sunken remains of a ship through to a helicopter ride out into the dense forest to be married It is important to remember not to apply for any required documents or certificates more than six months before the date of your wedding or they will expire. surrounded by nature, you can be as wild and wacky as you like. When getting married in Jamaica, you can choose to have your wedding wherever you want, from down on the beach to the garden of your hotel as kong as the location is approved by the registrar upon applying for your marriage licence. It is important to be aware that only Civil ceremonies, and not religious ones, are allowed if either of the two of you have been divorced previously when getting married in Malta. The island group of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean has a number of different religions with different requirements to meet if you want to get married CLOSE If you are getting married in Switzerland, they only recognise civil marriages in a Registry Office, but can't be held on Saturdays and Sundays or on public holidays. there. For instance, if you want a Catholic Church wedding, on arrival you will need to provide birth and baptism certificates, a letter of freedom to marry from your priest and confirmation that you have attended marriage dasses. QUICK FIRE TIPS FOR ORGANISING A WEDDING ABROAD One of the first things you must dois arrange a wedding planner who has experience of organising weddings in your chosen destination so you can discuss budget, find out more about what is available to you and express your wishes for the big day. Consider your wedling attire carefully, as especially in a hot location, the last thing you will want is a big heavy dress or a full suit that leaves you too hot to fully enjoy the occasion, so consider lightweight alternatives. Try and take your wedding dress and other essential items, such as rings, onto the plane with you as hand luggage as opposed to being in your suitcase just in case the worse was to happen and your suitcase is lost. It is always advisable to make a preliminary visit to the location you wish to be married at, so you can explore the area closely and search for hairdressers and make-up artists in the vicinity. Get all the necessary paperwork and documentation arranged in plenty of time, attempt to arrive at your destination a few days before the day of your wedding to ensure everything is in order. If you haven't been able to invite everyone you'd have liked, why not see if a webcam can be set up at the venue so that all those back at home can watch the ceremony on a live stream? Debenhams Wedding Insurance offers five levels of cover to protect various areas of your wedding day and ensure you can enjoy the occasion with complete peace of mind. PERSONAL FINANCE AT DEBENHAMS

A Brit's Guide to Getting Married Abroad

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One in six couples are now choosing to get Married abroad. Our infographic takes a look at the costs, benefits and disadvantages of having your ceremony in a different country. Did you know you could ...




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