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A Brief History Of Weddings

A BRIEF HISTORY OF A WEDDINGS From gift giving to honeymooning, the contemporary wedding is steeped in tradition. But when did these traditions begin, and what do they signify? Take a look at the historic development of weddings, and see some of the most lavish gifts exchanged between bride and groom. THE COST OF LOVE MARRIAGE THROUGH THE AGES Dowries have been exchanged since before the existence of written records Historians believe the first weddings occurred Father of the bride would pay to marry off his some 4,350 years ago! Before this, families daughter either with sheep, cows, land, or jewelry were composed of groups of roughly 30 individuals. 2,800 BCE, Egypt: First recorded use of wedding bands > 3,000 BCE: First written record of the exchange of a dowry > 1,700 BCE: Code of Ham murabi: Babylonians ruled that the husband had to return his wife's dowry either upon divorce or if the wife died without having any children > 200 CE: Customs changed in the Roman 860 CE: Pope Nicholas I decrees that an Empire, with the groom paying a bride price to his beloved's family. engagement ring was required of all who intended to marry > 7th century CE: The Qur'an mandates that Islamic men provide a dowry 1477 CE: Maximilian I popularizes the diamond engagement ring RECENT TRENDS IN BRIDES PRICE RURAL CHINA, 1950-2000 79% PAID A BRIDE PRICE URBAN CHINA, 1933-1987 9% PAID A BRIDE PRICE 1499 CE: Anne of Brittany wears one of the first white wedding gowns RURAL THAILAND, 1950-1978 93% PAID A BRIDE PRICE TURKEY, 1944-1993 URBAN THAILAND, 1950-1978 29% PAID A BRIDE PRICE 79% PAID A BRIDE PRICE IRAN, 1971-1991 99% PAID A BRIDE PRICE MOST EXPENSIVE WEDDING GIFTS OF ALL TIME 1775 CE: Law decrees any marriage void if the bride wears makeup during the ceremony 1840 CE: Queen Victoria wears a white satin wedding gown, starting the tradition of white wedding dresses 1908: THE STAR OF THE EAST 1981: STADIUM 1659: THE CITIES OF TANGIERS AND BOMBAY Given to Evalyn Walsh Erected by Sheikh Given to Charles II of England Mohammed bin Rashid McLean, daughter of a mining tycoon by Queen Luísa of Portugal 1858 CE: Princess Victoria plays Wagner's Al Maktoum of Dubai "Bridal Chorus" during her processional for his son's marriage to Value: Unknown 95-carat diamond on a Princess Salama chain set with a 34-carat Both are world-class cities, emerald and 32-grain pearl generating billions of dollars each year-if a single person 20.000: Num ber of seats in the stadium owned these two cities today, Value: Cost: they would be the richest $144,000 $100 million person in the world. 1924 CE: Marshall Field's introduces (About $3,630,000 today) the first bridal registry CURRENT STATE OF MARRIAGE 7,000 AVERAGE NUMBER OF MARRIAGES EACH DAY IN THE U.S. $1.582: Attire and $123: Beauty and spa accessories $L187: $628: Gifts Entertainment S1 636: Decor 1951 CE: Las Vegas' Little White Wedding Chapel opens $714: Invitations $3.807: Rings $2.735: Photography 2007 CE: TLC's “Say Yes to the S1 521: Planner consultant - -- -- ----- Dress" premiers SII.694: venue, catering, and rentals WEDDING TRIVIA SOURCES The bride always stands to groom's left because, in days past, the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors. http://www.familytreem Bridal showers originated in the Netherlands 2012-history-matters as a means to help a bride whose father refused to pay a dowry. Newlyweds used to drink honey wine for an nce-william-royal-weddings.html entire moon cycle after the wedding from which we get the term “honeymoon". ng presents-ever/ The giving of wedding favors originated in 16th century France. Wealthy couples gave gifts g-customs/articles/50-wedding-traditions-superstitions-f acts-trivia.aspx of gold and gems. Poorer couples passed out "love knots" constructed of lace and ribbon.

A Brief History Of Weddings

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Over the course of history weddings have evolved quite a lot. The ceremony where two are united as one vary greatly between cultures, nations and religions, but most wedding ceremonies invoke an excha...


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