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Birth Control

Birth Control • The strangest attempts at birth control throughout history 1 Sneeze In 1 A.D., the Greek physician Soranus of Ephesus recommended that women simply squat and sneeze after coitus to prevent conception 6 Honey Ancient Egyptian recipes for contraceptives were ones that changed the acidity of the vagina, like honey acacia and gum Amulets During the Middle Ages, one such amulet consisted of a wreath made of hare anuses 7 Cola Some believe that if Coca-Cola is shaken up and used as a douche, it can kill sperm in the vagina 3 Hippocrates prescribed the ancient Greeks Queen Anne Lace and wild carrot Condoms 4 Beaver Testicle Tea Men in ancient Egypt used condoms made of animal membranes A mixture of alcohol and beaver testicle is used today by a Canadian tribe to avoid pregnancy Crocodile Dung Ancient Egyptians created a paste out of the dung and melted it into the vagina 10 Poison 5 Oral In the Middle Ages droves of women died of lead, arsenic, strychnine and mercury poisoning. They believed it had contraceptive ingredients 11 Barrier A plant called Silphium was use as oral contraception 6,000 years ago. Today this plant is extinct In the 1920s some women use a wood block as barrier into the vagina Sources:, MEÐICAL hurance Information provided by:

Birth Control

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The strangest attemps at birth control throuhgout history.


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