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The Anatomy of a Breakup

the ana tomy ofa breakjup the breakup 93% disagree "Breaking up with someone digitally is acceptable." fecebook. the aftermath "Most people have a hard time getting over a breakup and could use a "break-over." 85% agrees break over /brāk övər/ after! A makeover aimed at helping someone move on from the breakup. 84% agree... "Breaking up with before someone can be a good opportunity for self-improvement." "Don't have ex sex." 81% agres NO! the best Comofort foods (in order of popularity) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Healthy fare like fruits Salty, crunchy food wine chocolate Ice cream & veggies sig. how you know it's time to break up with your ex Most people are still hung up on their ex. 719 of people say they think about their ex too much 81, when narrowed % to singles... 57 of singletons say thinking about their ex prevents them from finding new love. 60 of married people agree that their ex is on their mind t0o often 36 say their attachment to % their ex interferes with their marriage. How do I get a "break-over" to officially get over/break up with my ex? Top activities for getting over a breakup 1. 2. 3. Spend time with friends Exercise Go shopping Join an online dating site/meet new people Drink See a therapist Do a home improvement project Least popular activities 8. 9. 10. Talk it through with the ex Eat Have a one-night stand Change your appearance 64% of respondents said they tend to change % their appearance after a breakup 35% said breaking up motivates them to hit the gym or start a new diet. 30% said they buy new clothing a breakup makeup after 26% said they rock a new hairstyle said they % gain weight 2% are likely to get tattoos after a split. Break contact 72% 71% of people have or have considered of people have or have considered unfriending an ex on Facebook after a breakup. deleting an ex from their phone after a breakup and finally, don't expect it to happen overnight 4% 6% It takes me over a break up to get Months Several weeks 18% 55% 17% Years "I never get over a breakup!" Just a few days 51% 25% 13% 12% "I stay single for a long time like Jennifer Aniston." "I try to stay friendly "I quickly move on with my ex like Courteney Cox." "I call my ex out for what he did like to someone new like Blake Lively." Taylor Swift." Brought to you by: Design by: Your Tango LUMIN INTERACTIVE Your Best Love Life ( ( Sources: facebook.

The Anatomy of a Breakup

shared by Jake ONeal on Sep 06
This graphic was illustrated based on research provided by the client's website. I added it here to show that I can handle many different illustration styles :)


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