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The American Censorship Day protests

AMERICAN CENSORSHIP DAY IN NUMBERS AND SCREENSHOTS OVER 6,000 SITES SIGNED UP OVER 1,000,000 EMAILS TO CONGRESS OVER 3,000 PRINTED LETTERS From TUMBLR USERS CALLED CONGRESS Call Distribution 87,834 Calls to representatives Through The Day 53 seconds Average call length 31 minutes Longest call length 1,293 Total hours talking to representatives 11am 12m 1pm 2m 3m 4 5pm 6 10m 11m ৪ 9 MOZILLA START PAGE mozilla Firefox Protect the Internet Help us stop the Internet Blacklist Legislation On November 16th, Congress holds hearings on the first American Intermet censorship system. This bill can pass. If it does, the Internet and free speech will never be the same. Join us to stop this bill. Why? How? Who's at riak? Could this pass? Your favorite websites both Inside and outside the US could Yes. The Stop Online Piracy Act and the PROTECT IP Act The US will be able to block a A few intringing inks are enough to justity ocensoring an biocing good site's web tratfic, ad traffic and search traffic using the same be blocked based on an I on have widespread support in Congress and are expected to entire content along with the bad, website censorship methods Intringement claim. used by China, Iran and Syria. pas. Take Action Now! Stand with Mozilla Spread the word on your website TUMBLR CENSORS DASHBOARDS Stop The Law That Will Censor The Internet! tumblr. Dashboard Meghan Peters Mashable HQ E Open Mashable HO meshatiehgcom A Cintumie appearanc Text Photo Quote Link Chat Audio Video O Settings king-of-pancakes lked your post Now On Mashable: Original Videos & Posts aloxiamestitz: 1 note delete edit Followers t Members 2 Messages h Drafts O Queue Launch Mans Peat Editar We're excited about this new medium and we love the videcs posted so far. To see our Search my posts videos and get updated right as they're posted, visit and folow mashabie video video 4CHAN Announcement STOP INTERNET CENSORSHIP-TWO BILLS IN CONGRESS UNDERMINE THE PRINCIPLES OF THE A anCe Der Neer .201 On vember S O acy Acr weetnCangres. Thgon, a fenat "Protest AL"contynd ndnd ty.chen co esot te We They hve pot y t stutdnte au, ickr, chan, stantalrecompu that to See for more ntunop these b rom becomtg ater Doony abouthed e t chantmoet on erandchec atatunhanorgin vethe do Latest Posts apco M Comes &Canons Msi aAto ha. Popular Threads OuNGDLA mnt Tadoral Gamen De Faston Y Canes MatWatesiatnt Video Games tohotenAdestes Comis Carmons La edsama Stats po 22r07 Cumentuer AT4 BOINGBOING VIDEO MOVES BUSINESS. STARTING AT S99/MONTH. Start a FREE tral VIDEOCLOUD STOP CENSORSHIP FEATURES REVIEWS VIDEO SCIENCE GWEEK B-SIDE ARCHIVE SUBMIT MORE SEARCH NYPO raid Occupy Wal Street, evict Ows encampiment atettwo months What the Valo Z says about Sony's itle design problem Rob Beschizza The Future of Soence 202 David Prscv NYPD hates books: police and Brookfield properties workers destroy #OWS library. Again. Make your phone your walet y Google wollet cíti e GWEEK edgecast boingboing Advertise at Boing Boing Mr LIE ScoOP "NYPD & Brooklirld have uken the People's Library again and we kve you a"twet dr Occupy Wall Seet rarians t Zucconi Park. They abo took all she energy bus wtn, ant Test driving the Mitsubtshi i Telectric car nacks at the beary. This in not the fint ti. Then, sortly aher: "A few of our aeome REP. ZOE LOFGREN (D-CA) CONGRESSWOMAN ZOE LOFGREN O CONTACT ZOE REPRESENTING THE 16" DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA STOP CENSORS HOME ABOUT ZOE NEWS ISSUES LEOIELATION HOW CAN ZOE HELP? ETH DISTRICT STUDENTS OF NOTE Home Affordable Refinance MA Aal.ase Health Insurance Heform Information CtestMut.CBeten tmatonnd eo Pa Zoe Welcomes Back22 SFD Fenighters Rmponsible and Truthful Budgeting ha DeLO La Follow Zoe on Facebook facebook ZOE'S E-NEWSLETTER LAESMEAT M roRMATION LATEST NEWS MORE E Amas A Eml A Lofgren Opening Statement on SOPA Nvember 1 20s Ine Pracy Act so See e Zon Lagren wa no petet to ver her opene stmet ang DC-Taday the Hone Judiciary Commite heda teng an the Stap Or VISIT WASHINGTON D.C REDOURCES FOR VITNO OUIL NATIONS CAPITAL Rep. Lofgren Applauds $800,000 Grant for Local Youthhuild Nivember 1, 2011 Wastng, D.C- Tody. ep Zoe Lofgrenptat a .000 gratevou an Joe Conervaon Caps omhe Sat Ming fe Tatomaton MART) pogn of Y USA This gram ep up to 0 young peopie, 16-2 yean of agn am ther igh school iplona o GED whie THOMAS BILL BEARCH A e faesThe pgam ao leches vaa concton and REDDIT STOP CINSOR TeddiT new i ed Just ertered tthe Dragonbom contest, nailed it? GDsearch reddit What happens when you give a Mario piano score to someone who's never heard it in his lite? Awesomeness Subnea Stop it with these posts/cro wwwThe top two reasons i don'thave nice things Meet redditors in your local area + Me too, Facebook. Me too. t Ilound out my dog has many tumors that are umentable. The doctor says she won't make it to the holidays when all my family is home I know she isnit the cutest anymore but t love her god damn it What happens when you look into mommonism subscribe to Irimeetup Cick, Drag. Be amazed. Congress's approval sating below that of Communismin US. Ask Mymbusters Co Host Grant imahara Anything (video interview) R College Freshman meets College Senior + Sopa condemned by web giants as intemet blacklist bilr I Technology ( + mhoping to testly betore Congress on Thunday against SOPA - help me with my tesmony? + Omonths ago today. Reddit was down. Who ust had a chila TIL hat the oldest surviving pair of cloh socks were tound in Egypt were actually designed to wear with sandals DEMOCRATS AND REPUBLICANS AGREEING @NancyPelosi Nancy Pelosi O Need to find a better solution than #SOPA #DontBreakTheInternet MT @jeffreyrodman: Where do you stand on Internet censoring and #SOPA? @Darrelllssa Darrell Issa O If even we agree... RT @NancyPelosi: Need to find a better solution than #SOPA #DontBreakTheInternet Cc @jeffreyrodman AND MORE: SOPA opposition from tech heavyweights Google, Facebook RSS Twitter By Chenda Ngak Topics Tech Talk, Wired for Women E More 1 Comment Email Story f Share This E Tweet This Have Your Say Send to a Friend Tel Your Friends Tweet This Share It CQB F Tactical Scenari Defe www.ta O SHARE F in - Previous Technology | Next Technology- O BMAL PRINT Dangerous Bill Would Threaten Legitimate Websites NOV 17 2011, 12:17 PM ET 91 A Recommend 34 New legislation under consideration in Congress would jeopardize online freedom and creativity Bloomberg VIEW Our Company | Professional | Anywhere A QUICK NEWS VIEW MARKETS PERSONAL FINANCE TV RADIO MORE Search News THE TICKER» JUST ADD Historians Sa Want to save this for later? Add it to your Queue! The Ticker The Ticker By F 'American Censorship Day' Makes an Online Statement: The Ticker Wall Street's I Echoes By Rob Deflation Risk American Censorship Day Fights Entertainment Industry's Bid For . Death and Taxes - Kevin Pinner - 22 hours ago Today is American Censorship Day and many front pages of the intemet (yes, there are many, as it should be) .. In-Depth: The Intemet Isnt Just Pipes: It's a Belief System BusineseWeek American Censorship Day: Fight To Save Free Speech On The Intemet Cinema Biend American Censorship Day The Latest | Free Presa GroundReson - Vilaas Voion biea) allSE news articlen 'American Censorship Day' Makes an Online Statement: The Ticker Bloomberg - Kirsten Salyer - 22 houn ago Tumblr, a blogging platform, was just one of many internet companies participating in so-called American Censorship Day, a protest against the Stop Online Highly Cited: Tumblr. Reddit & Firefox Protest SOPA all6 news artieles 9. Bioomberg INTERNET, YOU ARE AMAZING. But SOPA's still alive. Prepare for round 2: AMERICANCENSORSHIP.ORG

The American Censorship Day protests

shared by rmmojado on Jan 30
The US state department constantly speaks out against internet censorship in other countries. Pressure them to speak out against America’s new domestic censorship system.


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