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All You Need Is Love (And A Bank Account) On Valentine's Day

$100 On Valentine's Day al You All you Nerd Kfove But a banh account couldn't hurt. A lot of effort goes into this romantic day – from companies making vast amounts of Valentine's Day themed products, to budding paramours purchasing these things in hopes of pleasing the one they love. What does the average American spend on this romantic holiday and how does it all add up? What Are We Buying for Valentine's Day? 60% 50% $15.52 $22.63 erate Spe 40% $36.78 30% 20% $151.53 $83.56 $88.56 Prase Spend 10% aIFT Cards Candy Flowers Jewelry Clothing lift Cards More on Jewelry Earrings Rings .................. 20% 21% 8% 40% Nechlaces Bracelets Valentine's Day CuİSİne of Choice ..... 35% 25% 8% 11% 7% Italian french Fondue fAmerican Tapas $158.71 $75.79 Average Spend for Men Average Spend for Women iet Some Perspective on Valentine's Day Marriage Proposals: 220,000 VIOth of annual total proposals in the U.S. will happen on Valentine's Day. Despite only 14% of jewelry buyers purchasing committal pieces, it is still one of the hottest proposal times in the year. V/0th of Annual U.S. Total Proposals Spent on Jewelry: $4,100,000,000 Thats the price of 20 Hope Diamonds, the most famous piece of jewelry on earth. It is valued at a whopping $200-250 million. Now that is a commitment piece! The Price of Twenty Hope Diamonds Spent on Dining Out: $3,500,000,000 That's 97,547,380 meals at restaurants, or. 1,000,000,000 Hungry Man frozen dinners for those who, intentionally or unintentionally, don't have dates. HUN HUNGHY MAN I Billion Hungry Man Frozen Dinners Chocolate Consumed: 58.000,000 lbs This weight is equal to 4 Eiffel Towers. That is one heavy tower in the City of Love! 4 Eiffel Towers Full 14,777 Şumo Wrestlers. How faşt could they eat through that amount of chocolate? of Chocolate Babies Conceived. 11.000 Ranked 236th most popular day to conceive a child. People play it safe - not exactly a favorite day to make à baby. Holidays that are? Feb. Hth #l is Christmas Eve. #3 is New Year's Eve. Ranked 236th in Days of Conception Flowers Shipped: 1,500,000,000 If these flowers were laid down horizontally next to each other, they would rap around the Earth 19 times! Wraps Nineteen Times Around Earth Total Spent in US: $17,600,000,000 That's about equal to: Gross Domestic Product of Afghanistan The Typical Yearly NASA Budget 160x the domeștic gross, of Valentine's Day - the subpar romantic comedy. Gross Domestic Product of Afghanistan Shane Ca DIAMONDS RUBIES SAPPHIRES- PEARLS Sources:

All You Need Is Love (And A Bank Account) On Valentine's Day

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The holiday subject of Valentine's day has been done to death, but with this piece we put a comparative spin on the content that gave it more of a fresh feel (the Gross GDP of Afghanistan amounts to o...





Love and Sex
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