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5 Ways Sweaty Hands Will Ruin Your Date

5 WAYS SWEATY HANDS WILL RUIN YOUR DATE Whether it's a first date, date night or double date, sweaty hands should never tag along as the third wheel. There are many implications that go well-beyond the realm of awkward hand-holding. Here are five ways sweaty palms can ruin that romantic rendezvous with your sweetheart. 1 OVER-WATERED FLOWERS Presenting a bouquet at the beginning of a date is the go-to for anyone that's seen a chick flick. Just be sure your hands are dry before handing the flowers over, or she may think you already gave them a soak. 2 SAFETY FIRST 191 II Women love a man that can cook. So, while you're rapidly chopping up the veggies for your "world famous" whatever you call it, make sure your hands are dry to avoid that not-so-romantic trip to the ER. 3 THAT'S NOT BUTTER Sometimes the simplest date nights are the best. After all, a rom-com, popcorn and “The Move" could never fail you, right? Wrong. If you're sharing a bowl of popcorn, those sweaty hands will leave your date wondering if you added extra butter ... or salt. 4 DIRTY DANCING If you think you've got the moves like Jagger, you'd better make sure those hands are dry, or your "big move" to impress could send your partner flying across the room. 5 DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT Scented, tapered, tea light - the candle is a staple to home dates that's been around since, well, cavemen discovered the flame. If you plan on lighting a few to set the mood, make sure they don't slip, or things will be heating up for all the wrong reasons. Carpe is the world's first non-greasy, no residue antiperspirant hand lotion. Sick of having sweaty hands? Seize the moment. Get your bottle of Carpe today at carpe SEIZE THE MOMENT

5 Ways Sweaty Hands Will Ruin Your Date

shared by lpershke on Feb 11
With Valentine’s Day approaching, many people are facing date night jitters but most assume that sweaty hands come with the territory—clammy hand-holding is unavoidable, just par for the course. ...


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