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5 Ways to Save an Almost Broken Relationship

Ways to Save an Almost-Broken Relationship Some relationships aren't built to last while others can withstand the test of time. Still, even the most solid of relationships can fall on hard times. Relationships require hard work and endurance, but many can be fixed, even when they're on the verge of breaking. FACT: 1 Be Attentive In 2012, It's often relationships fail because there's a lack of concern between 21% 16% both parties. When someone in a relationship starts overlooking the other person and taking them for granted, seismic rifts begin to form partners. in of men of women cite distance as their between the two reason for breaking Becoming relationship can help mend these broken bonds. attentive a 'dn Be Positive and Humorous FACT: Spring Fighting relationships on the verge of collapse, and this is only made worse by a constant cycle of conflict without resolution. When is common in is a common time for breakups, including Spring Break and April Fool's Day. tension is high, shift the focus to something more upbeat. Find something to laugh positive and about to ease that tense atmosphere. Show 3 Accountability FACT: About When you make a mistake in a relationship. the solution is simple: own up to it. Do the right thing and hold yourself accountable for the flaws that you are responsible for. When both partners establish their own accountability for their current problems, healthy bonds can start to reform. 85% of relationships end in a breakup. Reestablish Trust FACT: 4 It's thought that A typical relationship deal breaker is a lack of trust between partners. This can go both ways. When you are someone who does something worthy suspect, go out of your way to try and reestablish some trust again. If you're an overly suspicious partner. try to show your partner you're learning to trust them. 17% of being of men have cheated on a partner during their Lifetime. Кеep Things Chill FACT: 5 The number one Learn how to de-escalate the cause of arguments in a relationship is situation. When things are getting heated, know where the line of no return is and never cross it. Every relationship has a breaking point that needs to be understood by both parties. Once you know where it is, never go near it. money ΟΤΗΕR RELATED FACTS of people of Americans 71% 44% believe in love are currently single. at first sight. Women know whether they want to be in a relationship after spending 1 hour with a person while men know whether they want to be in a relationship after spending 15 minutes with a person. 30% of Americans report finding their partner's personality their most important feature. 23% of Americans report finding their partner's looks to be their most important feature. therapytribe find wellness Q2

5 Ways to Save an Almost Broken Relationship

shared by JenniferLynn on Feb 20
It’s difficult to continue a relationship, if you don’t handle it carefully. But, most of the times, some small steps and attention are the only things required to fix an almost broken relationshi...


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