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45 Ways To Avoid A Dating Disaster

Share the love 45 fy 8+ ways to avoid a DATING DISASTER Socks with sandals, declaring your undying love and getting a doggy bag. There are some things you absolutely don't do on a first date. (Or second, third or fourth). For these and more gems on what not to do, say or give, you'd better read on. Backhanded Compliments. "It's nice to see a girl with a healthy appetite" "I like the whole shabby chic thing you've got going on" "I always prefer a good personality anyway." "You really remind me of "I don't go for skinny girls" my mum" You know you're too keen You're so vain when you hear yourself say. (you probably think this infographic is about you) • Don't present her with 2 tickets to the gun show "How do you feel about a church wedding?" Don't slide over a topless pic of yourself to her and say "lets skip dessert" "So are we having a good time?.. is this a good date?.. how's this working for you?" • Pecks on show = no, no, no "What do you "So, now that I'm your girlfriend." think our kids would look like?" "This is the best "I love you .. "Please don't so much" day of my life" leave me" facebook facebook faux-pas Don't update your status during the date with “How do you get someone to stop eating?" If you must 'stalk' their pictures beforehand, don't tell them they look thinner in real life Like - Comment - Share Like - Comment - Share Don't change your status to 'in a relationship' as soon as you get home Don't update your status during the date with "HELP ME" Like - Comment - Share Like - Comment - Share Foodfor thought Don't prove your manliness by eating the spiciest food on the menu. No one likes a Sweaty Betty. Make your date's eyes water with laughter, not your garlic breath. Lady & the Tramp spaghetti scene. Not now. Not Ever. Don't open the Ex-Files Cheap ain't cheerful A picture paints a 1000 words. so take Don't cry over your ex and pretend it's because you're a sensitive guy Drive-thru = drive home, alone your ex off your screensaver! Don't order a cola, wink and flash your hip flask We know you're over your ex - there is no need to The early bird gets the worm, the early bird menu does not go on about her whiny voice Don't get a doggy bag Don't wear ... Cuban Heels. Balaclavas. Leave them for Even if the waitress Strictly Come Dancing. is your ex. Wedding dress. Miss Haversham Shell Suits. Socks & Sandals. Highly flammable. Highly ugly. could rock it, Ever. but sadly you can't. This may not be Do gourmet. Don't do a snappy title . McChicken Gourmet. (aut it's pretty good advice) Do take them to a life drawing class. But not if you're the model. Do wear heels. Don't be Bambi on ice. Do take them to a pottery class. Don't re-enact the scene from Ghost. Don't ask if you can take her out again .. next time youre on day release. Practice your "Oh there's an emergency! Thave to leave!" face. Don't take notes. Don't hand out a business card at the end Don't take your kids to prove you have good genes. of the date. ETSES for the Stock Exchange, not under the table. Don't walk too fast. No one likes a Stormin' Norman. And don't forget folks, the first thing a girl looks at is ... SHOES! Like this infographic? We'd love it if you could SHARE it, using the buttons at the top left. Brought to you from the rollercoaster CHARLES CLINKARD FINE F O OT WEAR love lives of the Charles Clinkard team. We get the shoes right at least.

45 Ways To Avoid A Dating Disaster

shared by aliclinkards on Feb 04
Socks + sandals. Declaring your undying love. Getting a doggy bag. Some things you absolutely don't do on a first date. Read on for more [INFOGRAPHIC]


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