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3 Major Causes of Divorce

3 Major Causes of Divorce That Will Shock You Divorce in The U.S. 35.8 Divorce is often a painful process to endure. It is something none of us wish for yet more than 50% of us will go through. This is troubling considering that 84% of the U.S. population is married! While there are many factors that are out of our control in divorce, let's take a look at some common traits many divorces have. 185.6 I Single (16%) IMarried (84%) Married vs. Single Americans Getting Married Young Those who tie the knot before the age of 22 have a higher rate of divorce. For some, a few more years and life experience can help them become more aware of what they need in a spouse. I<20 (48%) 20-23 (31%) I 24-26 (13%) I 30+ (7%) This chart shows the likelihood of divorce based on your age when you marry Education First It's a fact that divorce rates go down the higher up the education chain spouses are at the time of their marriage. Finishing school before getting married could make all the difference. I College Educated (33%)I High School Educated (67%) This chart shows the likelihood of divorce based on your education level at the time of marriage Header 3 Having Kids Before Marriage Some individuals reason that getting married because you have a child together is as good of a reason to get married as any but the numbers show, you might be setting your self up for danger in doing so. Married at 1st Birth Cohabitating at 1st Birth The chart above shows the likelihood of divorce within 5 years based on whether you are living together or married upon your first childs birth Of course, while all three of these factors contribute to divorce, there's no single factor that can guarantee the success of your marriage and at times, divorce is the only option. In the event you are in need of legal representation with divorce or any family law matters, contact an attorney at Zinda & Davis PLLC at Source: FinalForWeb-041413.pdf

3 Major Causes of Divorce

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This infographic explores 3 major causes of Divorce in the United States and it also gives some practice advice as to how to minimize your likelihood of divorce.


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