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21 Wedding Superstitions From Around The World

(21 Wedding Traditions and Superstitions From borrowed to blue and not seeing your spouse, weddings are rich with superstition. From old England to India, even new ones that started in the US, here are 21l superstitions and traditions to think of before your big day! 1 Fertility Spells You know the old saying, "something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue." This tradition started around 1876 both as protection for the bride from the evil eye and as a suggestion for something to wear on her wedding night; these things were supposed to keep her fertility intact. NEW BORROWED BLUE 2 White Dress Brides in Western countries didn't always wear white to their wedding. Queen Victoria popularized the trend in 1840, and ever since, Western brides have worn white wedding dresses. (In some countries, Red is the traditional color since white can mean death or bad luck.) 3 Bridal Chorus BREDAŁ CHARUS Another influence from one of the longest reigning monarchs. Queen Victoria made this tune famous for brides walking down the aisle, even to this day! 4 SUGAR Sugar Cube Fun fact: Greek culture asks the bride to have a sugar cube in her glove on the day of her wedding to "sweeten the union." "Carrie" Me! Have you ever seen a groom carry a bride across the threshold? In western culture it's customary for the groom to take his new wife through the entrance of their home in his arms to protect her from evil spirits. 96. Veil The wearing of a veil originates from ancient Greece and Rome. Much like carrying a bride across a threshold, this is to help protect the bride against evil spirits. Monday 7 Three Day Partay! Tuesday English tradition states that Wednesdays are the best day to get married. They also state that Monday is for wealth and Tuesday for health. If you plan on living a long, healthy, and wealthy life, you may want to make it a three part event! Wednesday 8. No Black Widows for This Bride! No Black Widows for This Bride! - The English believe that finding a spider in your wedding dress is good luck! That's one tradition you may want to ignore. 6. Cross Dressing Keeping with the evil spirits theme, In Denmark, brides and grooms traditionally cross-dressed in order to confuse evil spirits! (10) A Pinch In Egypt, women customarily pinch the bride for good luck. Tell me that one wasn't invented by a begrudged sister or angry ex! 11 A Pinch of Salt Another Egyptian tradition is that the bride's family does all of the cooking for the new couple for a week after the marriage. It's almost worth the red marks...almost! (12) Rain In Hindu culture, the belief is that it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day. 13 000000 0 00000000 Mordor! Middle Eastern brides adorn themselves with henna on their hands and feet in order to protect themselves from the “evil eye", which is said to leave women barren. (14) Milk Bath MILK Moroccan women take milk baths before their wedding to purify themselves. They combine it with local argan oils, the secret to keeping their skin and hair amazing! (15 Pine Trees A pine tree is planted outside the home of newlyweds in Holland to represent fertility and luck. (16 Green In Japan, green is considered a lucky color and is associated with eternity. That's why green gifts and garments are given to the bride and groom at their wedding. In China however, a green hat signifies a cheating spouse...this is one you don't want to get wrong! 17 Ring Finger Wedding rings are traditionally worn on the 4th finger of your left hand. This started because of the belief that there is a vein in that finger that goes directly to your heart. (18 Better Thank a Registry Traditionally, a Finnish bride used to go door-to-door with a pillowcase to collect gifts after her wedding. 19 Tears Brides of the Tujia people in China intentionally cry for 1 hour a day starting a month before the wedding, as an expression of joy. (20 Whale Tooth In Fiji, when a man wishes to propose, he must not only ask the father in law for permission, but he is also expected to give the bride's father a whale tooth as a sign of his commitment! (21 Spitting The bride's father spits on his daughter's head and breasts after the wedding ceremony in Kenya in order to bless her. Maybe this tradition started with a sneeze? (22 Walking Over People In French Polynesia, the relatives of the bride lay side by side face down on the ground so that the bride and groom can walk across them after the wedding. G GiftBasketsOverseas

21 Wedding Superstitions From Around The World

shared by rollerblader on Jul 19
Ever wonder what people in other countries are superstitious about on their big day? From dressing in drag to walking over your family, here are 21 wedding superstitions from around the world.



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