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The 2012 Guide to Dating

THE 2012 GUIDE то V DATING♥ EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW Nearly 44% of American adults are single, so now is the perfect time to meet that special someone whether at work, in a new city, or online. Follow this best practice guide for all there is to know about dating in 2012. B- Q• G• G• DATING BY THE NUMBERS -8 -8 - On average, there are 86 single men to 100 single women. IT IT !T !T !T IT IT HT HT IT !T !T !T IT IT !T HT IT IT IT !T IT IT TT IT TT IT T IT IT TT TT IT IT TT T The Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012 Lincoln, NE Madison, WI 3) Gainesville, FL 51% single men* 58% single men 73% single men 51% single women 61% single women 75% single women Well Being Score:** Well Being Score: Well Being Score: 72.8 70.8 70.3 Washington, DC Austin, TX Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA 69% single men 57% single men 59% single men 61% single men 74% single women 57% single women 60% single women 61% single women Well Being Score: Well Being Score: Well Being Score: Well Being Score: 69.9 69.8 69.2 69.1 Minneapolis, MN Ann Arbor, MI 10. Atlanta, GA 65% single men 65% single men 69% single men 66% single women 67% single women 71% single women Well Being Score: Well Being Score: Well Being Score: 69.0 68.2 67.7 *% of female and male population age 15 and older that is single **a measure of emotional and physical health. Healthy residents are more likely to engage in the dating scene. THE NEW FIRST DATE 58% of women do not want an expensive first date; they'd rather meet for coffee or something casual. Most Popular First Date Ideas Drinks or Dinner 46% Coffee 42% Comedy Show 4% Bar or Club 4% Hiking or Adventure 4% 10 20 30 Percent of First Dates 40 50 33% 10% and of women of men fall in love on the first date. Best Places To Meet A Date 6% 4% Bars/Clubs/Other social events Other 17% Online dating Church/Place of worship 27% 38% Through a friend or family member Work/School* 49% 4 in 10 of singles fell in love with their best friend, who they were not initially attracted to. workplace dating relationships result in marriage. * Percentages based on survey of 7000 U.S. adults age 18+ married within the past 5 years. 2012: THE YEAR OF ONLINE DATING SUCCESS Online dating memberships jumped 20% at the The online dating industry is now worth $4 billion worldwide. start of 2012. 40% of single Americans use online dating services. People aged 55+ are using online dating sites more than any other age group. The Top Two Dating Sites eHarmony Vs. 20 million subscribers 20 million subscribers Database General population is middle-aged and looking for Demographic Largest and most diverse dating group of users long-term relationships High percentage of relationships result in marriage Attraction Most user-friendly $60/month Cost $35/month Best Practices for Online Dating DO DON'T Do create a separate email account just for online dating portfolios to remain Don't give away personal information in the beginning; 10% of dating profiles are anonymous until comfortable. scams. Don't use a self-taken photo; a professionally taken photo will get twice as many emails. Do add a profile picture. Don't meet in person until you're comfortable; 1 out of Do ask a lot of detailed ? questions and trust your ? instincts. 10 sex offenders use online dating sites. Do plan your first date in a public place. Don't let your date drive you; drive yourself so you can leave if you feel uneasy. CAFÉ TAKEAWAY ♥ There are more platforms and opportunities to meet someone in 2012 than ever before. This is the year to choose what works for you and put yourself out there! Brought to you by SOURCES: |||| | | | | || || || Disclaimer The use of any trademarks in this Infographic do not represent any affiliation between Cheap Sally, LLC and those companies and/or associations included within the infograph. eHarmony and are the trademarks of each respective company.

The 2012 Guide to Dating

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The 2012 guide to Dating is a best practice guide for all there is to know about dating. Learn what cities and places are the best to find a date in, most popular first date ideas, and what rules to f...


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