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15 Weird & Wonderful Wedding Traditions

DEJĀ®RIA Presents 15 Weind & Wonderful Wedding Traditions from around the GIobe We are all aware of the conventional English wedding traditions, such as the white dress, the exchange of diamond wedding rings and the throwing of the bouquet. In countries across the globe, it's very different. Here are 15 weird and wonderful traditions. Scotland Romania Ramsoming the Bride In Romania, it is common place for the couple to conduct their own A Whale Tooth "Blackening' This Scottish tradition lives up to their stereotypical love for alcohol and a good time. The day before the wedding, the bride is plied with alcohol and smothered in treacle, flour, feather and ash, by friends and family. The pre-wedding activity is supposed to scare off evil spirits and bring good luck. In Fiji, not only do the men have to ask their father in law for his daughter's hand in marriage, but they're also expected to present a whale's tooth to version of the hit movie Taken'. The bride is kidnapped by friends or family and hidden away. The groom must track his wife-to-be down and rescue her by paying her ransom through drinks, money or a romantic gesture. him. This incredibly tough task is meant to prove that the groom truly loves the bride-to-be. Treland China Cermany "Evil Fairies' Everyone looks forward to the bride and groom's first dance, but in Ireland there is a little more tension. Bow and Arrow In the Chinese minority culture of Yugur, the groom will shoot his bride three times with a bow and arrow, before the ceremony! However, the arrows are actually blunt, but it's still got to hurt. Once the three shots have been fired, the groom will collect and snap the arrows, to ensure forever lasting love. Log Cutting Immediately after a couple are married in Germany, they must put their official bond to the test. The newlyweds must work together to saw a log in half, to show their ability to face and over come any obstacles that may arise during their married life. The bride must keep her feet on the floor, because if she doesn't evil fairies will come and steal her away. The Irish believe evil fairies love beautiful things which includes women on their wedding day. 8 Kenya India Sweden Spitting on the Bride As the bride and groom leave the wedding ceremony, under a vibrant & bright Kenyan sun, the father of the bride will spit on his daughter's head and chest to ensure the Stealing a Kiss After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom need to be on high alert. Due to an old tradition, if the groom leaves the room at any point, all the men at the wedding are allowed to kiss the bride. And it Henna Indian weddings are famous for their stunning colours, dress and henna designs. The bride and her chosen guests are covered in intricate and visually stunning henna designs, to show joy & love for the ceremony. marriage is not jinxed. goes both ways, so the groom may receive a smooch or two, if the bride wanders too far. 1O 12 Spain Philpines Australia The Unity Bowl At many Australian weddings the unity bowl can take centre stage. During the ceremony guests are asked to hold stones, which are Releasing Doves In the Philippines, once the ceremony 13 Gold Coins During the wedding the groom will present 13 gold coins to his bride, which represent the key concepts of marriage: trust, commitment, respect, dedication & harmony. has been sealed with a kiss, the maried couple release two doves into the air. The flying doves are believed to represent a long, beautiful and hamonious life together. then placed in a decorative bowl. The couple keep and display the bowl in their home to remind them of their family and friend's support. 14 15 Bermuda South Korea India Moon Gate As the ceremony draws to a close, the newlyweds walk hand in hand through one of the island's majestic moon gates. The circular shape signifies unity, with couples said to enjoy good luck and a peaceful life together, if they kiss under it. Foot Whipping Shoe Thieves Some Indian grooms are required to The groom has maried the woman of his dreams, but before he can look forward to his wedding night, he has to take a beating - literally. The groom will receive take their shoes off before the ceremony can begin. As soon as his feet have vacated the shoes, the chaos ensues. The bride's side of the family try to steal the shoes, while the groom's family do everything to protect them. If the shoes are successfully stolen, the bride's family can keep them hostage until a ransom is paid beating from his groomsmen, which involves having his bare feet whipped, to test his strength and character. DEJORIA

15 Weird & Wonderful Wedding Traditions

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This infographic looks at some of the more unusual traditions that form part of wedding ceremonies in countries around the world





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