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12 Myths about Sex

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12 Myths about Sex

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12 Myths about Sex Infographic

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12 Myths about sex by The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases (ISUD)


Published by ISUD

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Valentine's Day by the Numbers INSTITUTE for a the STUDY of ŪROLOGICAL DISEASES 12myths sex CENTRE FOR SEXUAL AND REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH about 1. PENIS SIZE determines a woman's pleasure Average penis length while erect 16 EKAT. is 13 centimetres USUAL LENGTH 9 cm OF AN ERECT PENIS 2 3 Bm 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 WOMEN WHO WERE ASKED 21% WHAT IS 32% IMPORTANT LENGTH GIRTH REPLIED: ONLY 1% OF WOMEN CONSIDER THAT SIZE IS “VERY IMPORTANT" SOURCE: Francken et al., European Urology 2002; 42:426-441 MASTURBATION stops when a relationship starts 45% HOW MANY IN A STEADY RELATIONSHIP WOMEN STATED 85%' THAT THEY MASTURBATE MEN Men masturbate more frequently at younger ages Women masturbate more often after the third decade of their lives MASTURBATION IS A NATURAL BEHAVIOUR, AND HAS NO AGE BOUNDARIES SOURCE: Laumann E, et al. The Social Organization of Sexuality. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1994. 3 HOMOSEXUALITY is a pathological condition In 1974 homosexuality stopped being characterized as a 3-7% PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDER of the population are HOMOSEXUAL (according to all studies) HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT DISORDER SOURCE: Kaplan H, et al. A synopsis of psychiatry. Williams & Wilkins, Baltimore, 1994 4 PICKING A PARTNER is based on sexual performance A SERIES OF STUDIES IN 37 COUNTRIES AROUND THE WORLD SHOWED THAT In choosing a partner, women find the characteristics of a man who can secure conditions for raising children In men characteristics in women that symbolize fertility (i.e. youth) (i.e. financial prospects, creativity, and ambition) more important. are more important. WE CHOOSE A PARTNER BASED ON OUR THINKING ABOUT THE... CHILDREN SOURCE: Buss D & Barnes M. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 1986; 5: 559-570 MEN men who believe that they «must» always be ready for sex, present erectile issues more often than those who do not share are always ready for sex that belief. A MAN May not feel like having sex May feel tired May feel the need to first develop intimacy and an emotional relationship with a woman May desire a more erotic context/conditions May not wish to be unfaithful MEN DO NOT ALWAYS FEEL LIKE SEX SOURCE: Nobre P, et al. Journal of Sex Research, 2006; 43(1):68-75 6: DURATION OF THE SEXUAL ACT: at least 30 minutes 6-10 minutes 3 minutes or less in men with erectile issues 1,8 minutes is the average time in men with premature ejaculation is the usual time from the moment of penetration to ejaculation Time drops to SEXUAL CONTACT USUALLY LASTS 6 - 8 MINUTES SOURCE: Waldinger M, et al. Journal of Sexual Medicine 2005;2 (4): 492-7 SEX IS A DAILY ACTIVITY for most couples 13% 1% None for a whole year A few times a year 4 or more times a week CONTACT FREQUENCY 45% 34% 2-3 times A few times a month a week MOST COUPLES HAVE SEX 1-2 TIMES A WEEK SOURCE: Laumann E, et al. The Social Organization of Sexuality. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1994. 8' FEMALE ORGASM men must always bring women to orgasm Women's Imost pleasant sexual experiences are related to feeling a connection with someone, and are not entirely caused by orgasm 85% of women who report orgasm difficulties, state that they are sexually satisfied IT IS NOT NECESSARY FOR SEXUAL CONTACT TO LEAD TO AN ORGASM SOURCE: Bridges et al. Journal of Counseling and Development 2004; 82 (2): 158-166 THE BIRTH OF A CHILD benefits a couple's sexual life 8 MONTHS 4 YEARS AFTER BIRTH.. AFTER CHILDBIRTH... Sexual desire and sexual in satisfaction for couples stated that the was just as low as that recorded six months after QUALITY OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP WAS: : childbirth. «AVERAGE» OR «BAD» The frequency of sexual RESEARCH contact increased from less The percentage that characterized the quality of their relationship as «bad» or «average» increased from ON 2.000 COUPLES than once a month AFTER HAVING THEIR 1ST CHILD to 1-2 times a month. 1% before childbirth, to 20%. COUPLES MUST COUPLES MUST PROTECT THEIR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP, MAKING SURE THEY FIND TIME FOR IT SOURCE: Ahlborg T, et al. Journal of Sex Research, 2008;45(3):295-304 10 PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL Its use is catastrophic for the relationship IN A RELATIONSHIP A STUDY OF 8,376 PERSONS INDICATED THAT LOW TO MEDIUM FREQUENCY IN THE USE OF PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL HAS POSITIVE CONSEQUENCES on a couple's relationship, increasing the frequency and quality of sex, as well as the intimacy between the couple members. T 31,6% 76,8% MEN WOMEN Watch pornographic material individually but about half (44,8%) of the men and women report that sometimes they watch pornographic material with their partner. OCCASIONAL USE OF PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIAL DOES NOT HARM THE RELATIONSHIP SOURCE: Grov C et al. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 2011;40(2):429-39 11 AFTER THE AGE OF 60 there is no sexual activity AGES 60-80 YEARS Although sexual activity IS REDUCED ARE with increasing age, 60% 64% SATISFIED sexual satisfaction MEN WITH THEIR WOMEN REMAINS HIGH! SEXUAL FUNCTION THERE IS NO AGE LIMIT IN ENJOYING SEX! SOURCE: Lindau ST, et al. New England Journal of Medicine, 2007;357(8):22-33 12 SEXUAL PROBLEMS are frequent only among men CAUSES OF SEXUAL PROBLEMS FACING AT LEAST ONE INTENSE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION ORGANIC CAUSES Diabetes melitus Hypertension Coronary disease High Cholesterol levels Hormonal disorders Medication - Surgery In men and women after 40 PSYCHOGENIC CAUSES 40- 50% It 20- 30% Problems in the relationship Performance anxiety Depression Negative body image At all ages OF WOMEN OF MEN SEXUAL PROBLEMS ARE FREQUENT IN BOTH GENDERS SOURCE: Lewis RW, et al. Journal of Sexual Medicine, 2010;7(4):1598-607. Visit INSTITUTE for theSTUDY of ŪROLOGICAL DISEASES and learn more about SEXUAL PROBLEMS and solutions You f E in Tbe E GREEK INFOGRAPHICS

12 Myths about Sex

shared by imop on Mar 15
12 Myths about sex by The Institute for the Study of Urologic Diseases (ISUD)




Love and Sex
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