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11 Places You Should Never Take a Date

11 Places YOU SHOULD NEVER TAKE A DATE Common wisdom would tell you that movies and clubs are great places to go on a first date. But sometimes, where you are and what you're doing can play a key role in whether things go well or not. However, if you want to start a potential relationship on the right foot, don't take your first date to any of the following places. FAMILY FUNCTIONS Your date will be nervous enough trying to impress you-don't make them audition for family and friends too. HAPPY B-DAY DANCE CLUBS Loud music, pulsing lights, guys without shirts... need we say more? MOVIES You spend two lame hours staring at a screen, not getting to know each other.. plus there's always i? a risk the flick will contain a BARS sex scene or something even more awkward. Many people think alcohol is the perfect social lubricant for a first encounter, but it can lead to trouble. SPORTING EVENTS Any place that involves face paint, the wave, and angry drunk guys screaming at the referee is no venue for a soul mate connection. THE BEACH Just because you like strolling hand in hand seaside doesn't mean you should do it on your first meeting. COMEDY SHOWS If the comic is bad, that lame vibe will extend to the entire evening. MINI-GOLF Trying to outsmart that little windmill is great fun-if you're ten years old. MUSEUMS A first date is a time to kick back and relax, not solemnly contemplate the works of the great 10 masters. COFFEE HOUSES Many people think that meeting for coffee is an easy, breezy way to meet cute. But let's face it: It's hardly romantic. THEME RESTAURANTS Never take a first date to a restaurant where your waiter is dressed like Chubby Checker, Fred Flintstone or Quasimodo. However, if you do decide to go to a themed restaurant, make sure it's not one of these "Breastaurants": TWIN PEAKS "Eats • Drinks • Scenic Views" IWIN PEAKS Location 12 in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico Signature Food Chili Fact The term breastaurant was first coined in an article about Twin Peaks "Only a rooster can get a better piece of chicken" HOOTERS Location 435+ stores in the USA, and 24 countries worldwide Signature Food Hot Wings Fact Hooters forbids girls to wear ponytails HOOTERS HEART ATTACK GRILL "Taste Worth Dying For!" Location 1 in Chandler, Arizona Signature Food Triple Bypass Burger Fact Anyone over 350lbs eats for free HEARTATTACK GRILL Taste arth Oying Fert TILTED KILT 4. "A cold beer never looked so good" Locations In 14 states Signature Food Beer Tilted KiLT Fact Originated in Las Vegas, Nevada BONE DADDY'S "House of Smoke" Location 4 in Texas Signature Food Barbeque BONE DADYS Sources: | Information provided by: ONLINE DATING UNIVERSITY

11 Places You Should Never Take a Date

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Common wisdom should tell you that movies and clubs are great places to take a first date. But sometimes where you are and what you’re doing plays a key role in whether things go well or not. Howeve...


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