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10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating: Then vs Now

10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating It's always awful when someone cheats on their Then VS. Now partner. And now with all the advancements in technology, leaving a trail of cheating evidence is easier than ever. Check out the graphic below that illustrates 10 ways men get caught cheating today versus how they used to get busted. How men got caught How men get caught Then Nom 1 Wife find's receipts for gifts and expensive Wife gets a spen- ding alert from her bank sent directly to her phone for gifts and expensive dinners that weren't for her. dinners that weren't for her. Lingerie Shop eu $60 was spent at Lingerie Store 2 Wife finds love letters in the mail. Wife finds emails from a strange woman. 3 Wife finds a Polaroid Wife finds photos of a woman she of another woman doesn't know in her on her husband's phone. husband's wallet. 4 Wife notices a strange Wife notices her number on her husband texting husband's pager. someone she doesn't know. cece 555-555-3213 "Hey baby" "Hey girl" 555-555-3213 5 Wife hires a private investigator to catch- her husband. Wife busts cheating 5 husband on a reality television show. CAUGHT ON CAMERA LIVE CHEATERS 6 Wife finds evidence Wife finds a sex like condom video of her wrappers and lady's underwear in her husband, and she's not in it. husband's car. Secret Movie 7 Wife notices lipstick on collar when washing her husband's clothes. Wife notices a webpage bookmark on her husband's laptop for an online dating site for cheating, married men. KD Ntp://www HOME Cheaters Search Buton Donec eget telus non enst badinta fementum. Donec in velit val peum uor puivinar Proin amormer uma et Inla. Proin ulampomrume ettes Donec eget bellus non erat lacnia temertum. Donec in velt vel ipsum aucior pulvinar Proin ullaTcoper uma et fels. Donec eget telus non erat ladinla fomentum. Donec in velit vel ipsum auctor. 8 Wife receives countless angry Wife receives a 8. slew of angry mess- voicemails from her ages on her social network page from her husband's mistress. husband's mistress. 78 MESSAGES Social Network 4. 5. 6. 78 MESSAGES Husband calls out Husband sends a another girl's name dirty text on while in bed. accident to his wife that was actually meant for his mistress. "Oh, Samantha" "Oh, WHO!?!?" "My wife won't be home this week" My Hubby "Can't wait to meet up with you" My Hubby My Hubby "Here's a pic" 10 Wife find's another girl's number in her husband's pants pocket. Husband "butt 10 dials" his wife while on a date with his mistress and she hears the whole thing. Samantha 555-555-3213 Call Me! "Hello? Hello? Hello?" Crossed by your lover? Then visit: HL Hildebrand LAW 300 tillu.

10 Ways Men Get Caught Cheating: Then vs Now

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It's terrible when someone cheats on their partner. Now with all the advancements in technology, leaving a "cheating trail of evidence" is easier than ever. This infographic examines 10 ways men get c...


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