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10 Ways to Impress in the Bedroom

10 WAYS TO IMPRESS IN THE BEDROOM TO IMPRESS A WOMAN TO IMPRESS A MANO LIFT OFF ALL ABOUT THE VISUALS Sweep her off her feet and hold her and kiss her passionately. Every girl likes to be held like this and use it to initiate a session of passion. Put on a sexy shirt, black thigh-high stockings and a pair of heels and assume a provocative position, with your back against the headboard, legs open and bent at the knees. MASSAGE INTO THE MOOD WAKE UP CALL 2. Perform an erotic massage on her using a scented oil. Start gently on her shoulders and work down her back. Wake him up by stroking his penis while he is still asleep. Start at the base and work up. INTRODUCE A PROP TALK DIRTY 3. Suggest she tie you up and have her wicked way with you. Whisper words into your man's ear about your sexual fantasy - which involves him and how sexy he is. TALK DIRTY SURPRISE HIM 4. Jump into the shower and initiate sex or pounce when he's putting on his clothes. Whisper words into her ear about your sexual fantasy - which involves her and how sexy she is. NEVER TOO MUCH TOUCH 5. When you think you've done enough foreplay, keep going. For a woman, there's never enough. Touch him everywhere but his penis. Massage his arms, thighs and his bum. It is sure to build anticipation. COMPLIMENTS PLEASE! INTRODUCE A PROP 6, A lady is at her most vulverable naked so keep showering her with compliments about her body. Suggest you spice things up by wearing a blindfold or handcuffs. SET THE SCENE DRESS UP 7. Make an effort in the bedroom by lighting some candles, turning on romantic music and buying new bedsheets. Buy new lingerie for him, it shows you made an effort and it will drive him wild. NEW AREAS COMPLIMENTS PLEASE! 8. If he feels sexy around you, he'll also be a lot more turned on around you. He has great shoulders, or the cutest tight bum? Let him know about it. Try pleasuring her in new places by kissing her toes and ankles before moving upwards... STRIP! NUDE! 9. Strip off before you jump into bed. Women will love to see how turned on you are. Hide under the covers totally in the nude when he least expects it. СOMPETE SERVE IT UP! 10 Serve some food to your man but let your body be the plate. Food and sex...a perfect combination for your man! Bring her vibrator to bed and use it to pleasure her before the real action. Tips From the Experts* "Intrigue him or delight him. Be positive and show him your personality. Yes...every time, with every communication." Bobbi Palmer, Dating & Relationship Expert "If he's feeling exhausted one night, light some candles and give him a massage. We can all become self-involved in relationships; all you need is to show you're thinking about his needs too!" Matthew Hussey, Reltionship Speaker and Author "Try doing things a little more fun, sexy or risqué. Leave flirty messages or send your partner a hotel key to meet you somewhere." Rachel DeAlto, Communication and Relationship Expert "Every couple's sex life goes through dry spells which can be difficult to get through, and sometimes you may have to go out of your way to reignite that romantic spark." Shana Diaz, Relationship Writer * These experts are not affiliated with Carvaka Sex Toys. CARVAKA Exploring New Levels of Pleasure REFERENCES

10 Ways to Impress in the Bedroom

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Whether you are single or in a relationship, everyone should want to impress the object of their affections. Having the ability to flirt and impress definitely comes naturally to some people but for o...




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