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10 Commandments of Friends With Benefits

10 COMMANDMENTS OF FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS Hundreds of people surveyed said their biggest fears of FWB are losing a friend, or developing unreciprocated romantic feelings* Follow These 10 Commandments of FWB and eliminate those fears. Take full advantage of recreational, non-exclusive sex with a partner you know and trust. THOU SHALL BE UPFRONT Have the confidence to be clear and upfront about the nature of the relationship from the outset. This way you will avoid confusion and mixed messages of intention during the friendship. 2 THOU SHALL NOT READ TOO MUCH INTO IT There is always the possibility that one or both parties will grow deeper feelings for the other. However a study done by Michigan State found that only 10% grow successfully into romantic relationships. If you start to have feelings and they don't its best to cut your losses and move on. THOU SHALL BE A FRIEND Getting the lay is the easy part, but being a genuine friend as well is tricky: it requires caring. 2 This is the difference between one night stands with strangers and benefits with your personal pal. 4. THOU SHALL BE SECURE You have to be secure enough not to get jealous if they are involved with other people as well. 3 This is likely a non-exclusive relationship where you could both be dating other people (unless it has been otherwise outlined with commandment #1). THOU SHALL BE SAFE & CONSIDERATE Protection is always recommended, especially with your FWB. No matter how good of friends you are or how much trust is there, the reality is that you are in a non-exclusive sexual relationship. Both parties are free to have multiple partners-such is the nature of casual sex. Plus, chances are you don't want to spend the next 18 years with your FWB. Regular checkups are also a good idea for anyone who is engaging in casual sex or multiple partners. THOU SHALL NOT BRING FWB AROUND FAMILY A friend with benefits is meant to be temporary not a part of your daily routine. If you see them getting along with friends and family you may begin to see them in a more romantic light. This will only complicate the situation. THOU SHALL KEEP IT TO THE BEDROOM Once you start considering going out to movies or dinner there is a line thats being crossed. This line is what separates FWB from relationships with romantic feelings. If you don't want to lead them on or deal with muddled relations stick to physical pleasures with your pal. 8. THOU SHALL NOT LURK FWB operate with discretion, especially if your partner is active in the dating scene. Do not blow up their feed or yours with inuendo or references to last nights romps. It is a good idea to avoid their social profiles altogether to avoid complicating your feelings with possessiveness, jealousy, or hurt. 9 THOU SHALL NOT MIX BUSINESS WITH PLEASURE HOTEL Having a FWB who is a coworker, neighbor, or anyone who is part of your daily routine is a FWB sin. If the situation goes sour you will need to change your life or have to see this person on a regular basis still. 10 THOU SHALL ONLY BE A FRIEND WITH BENEFITS Do not kiss Goodbye, make breakfast, or text goodnight . Remember This is not a relationship. “Remind yourself of this by having incredibly uncomfortable goodbyes devoid of affection and eye contact. A pat on the arm or a shoulder squeeze does nicely in a pinch. If you're not sure what to say as they slinks out the door, "see ya later" works just fine. 4 FIing 1- Dating Coach Gary Gunn : @Gary_Gunn 2- Ross Jeffries - Master of "The Game" : @RossJeffries 3- Internationally renowned Pick Up Artist Prophet @ProphetVA Brought to you by .com 4- Georgia Wisdom, Thought Catalogue @ThoughtCatalog *Michigan State Study Link jq4J: *Glamour Magazine

10 Commandments of Friends With Benefits

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The 10 Commandments of Friends With Benefits : A Guideline for singles who are looking to have a FWB




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