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Written In The Stars: Exploring Astrology

WRITTEN IN THE STARS Exploring Astrology WHAT IS ASTROLOGY? The position of the sun, stars, moon and planets at the time of people's birth can shape their personalities, affect their romantic relationships and predict their economic fortunes. Astrology literally means "The Science of the stars" From the greek astrologia: ASTRON (STAR) LOGIA (STUDY OF) Astrology seeks the meaning and application of the influences of the planets, stars and other celestial phenomena in our lives. What most people know about astrology is their star sign. Which refers to one of the 12 Often referred to as a "sun" constellations of the zodiac. sign, the zodiacal sign position of the sun at your time of birth, The 12 signs of the zodiac can be classified by duality, modality and element. Each sign has a duality-Astrologers use different names such as assertive/passive, to describe the dualities. Each sign has a mode-they are cardinal, fixed and mutable. The cardinal signs are efficacious and self starters, the fixed signs are focused and determined, and the mutable signs are flexible and adaptable. Each sign has an element-Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Fire signs are vital and intense, earth signs are practical and stable, air signs are social and intellectual and water signs are intuitive and emotional. KEYS: CARDINAL FIXED MUTABLE FIRE EARTH AIR WATER ASSERTIVE SIGNS (EXTROVERTED) ARIES GEMINI LEO LIBRA SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS PASSIVE SIGNS (INTROVERTED) CAPRICORN TAURUS CANCER VIRGO SCORPIO PISCES EXPLORING OUR STAR SIGNS AND WHAT THEY HOLD FOR US Our star signs can give us great insight into our characters and provide answers to what could happen to us in the future. Will we be rich? Fall in love? How successful will we be? A survey by showed the key to our careers based on our zodiac signs. RELIABLE PRACTICAL ASSERTIVE OUTSPOKEN HONEST CONFIDENT ADAPTIVE IMAGINATIVE DYNAMIC FLEXIBLE CARING ARIES TAURUS GEMINI PISCES AQUARIUS CANCER CAPRICORN LEO PASSION FOR KNOWLEDGE VIRGO SAGITTARIUS POSITIVE SCORPIO LIBRA RESOURCEFUL INTUITIVE ANALYTICAL SOCIABLE DIPLOMATIC According to the survey which included more than 8,700 workers and was conducted in the USA across industries, people who... Earn $100,000+ are SCORPIO LEO TAURUS CANCER Earn $35,000- are AQUARIUS CAPRICORN Job Satisfaction by star sign MOST LEAST SATISFIED PISCES SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN SATISFIED GEMINI CANCER PERSONALITIES SUITED JOBS REPORTED AS WORKING IN Independent Humane Astronomy Photography Aviation Sales Military Engineering Innovative AQUARIUS Empathetic Caring Unselfish Health Care Social Work Social Work Philanthropy Personal Care IT PISCES Assertive Government Government Construction Outspoken Confident Construction Education Education ARIES Reliable Practical Finance Accounting Interior Design Nursing Engineering Honest Law TAURUS Flexible Architecture Nursing Architecture Nursing Personal Care Adaptive Affectionate Personal Care GEMINI Psychology Energetic Kind hearted Imaginative Government Law Legal Higher Education Teaching CANCER Government Government Confident Optimistic Charismatic Engineering Architecture Engineering Architecture LEO Passionate Writing Social Work Detail-Oriented Research Editing VIRGO Government Advertising Diplomatic Government Advertising Education Sociable Easy-going Education LIBRA Analytic Intuitive Science Investigation Legal Services Engineering Education Resourceful Politics SCORPIO Editing Marketing Editing Marketing IT Spiritual Positive Ethical IT SAGITTARIUS Persistent Nursing Nursing Science Responsible Dogmatic Science IT IT CAPRICORN WHAT ZODIAC SIGNS GET ALONG TOGETHER WELL? GETS ON BEST WITH DOES NOT GET ON WITH KEYS: PARENTING AND THE ZODIAC Star signs offer you a better understanding of your child's individual personality. COMPATIBLE ZODIAC SIGNS OF PARENT PERSONALITIES Energetic and Self-Focused Help them to channel their energy in a productive way! SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS GEMINI LEO LIBRA ARIES BABY Stable and Lovers of Routine. Try and provide a sense of safety and security. PISCES CANCER VIRGO SCORPIO CAPRICORN TAURUS BABY Travellers and Inquisitive. Try and make sure their natural curiosity is satisfied. AQUARIUS ARIES LEO LIBRA SAGITTARIUS GEMINI BABY Timid and Hold Strong Bonds with their Mother. Showing them love and affection will help them come out of their shell. VIRGO SCORPIO CAPRICORN PISCES TAURUS CANCER BABY Natural Leaders. Provide them with heartfelt praise. SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS ARIES LIBRA GEMINI LEO BABY Efficient and Can be Shy. Try to encourage them and they will flourish. PISCES CANCER SCORPIO CAPRICORN TAURUS VIRGO BABY Artistic and Keepers of the Peace. Create a harmonious space for them to be artistic. SAGITTARIUS AQUARIUS ARIES LEO GEMINI LIBRA BABY Strong Spirited. Try and understand the recesses of their mind. CANCER VIRGO TAURUS CAPRICORN PISCES SCORPIO BABY Travellers and Fun Loving. Get them a passport and let them ARIES AQUARIUS LEO LIBRA GEMINI explore! SAGITTARIUS BABY Wise and Mature. Encourage them to climb to the top. CANCER SCORPIO TAURUS PISCES CAPRICORN BABY VIRGO Fair Minded. Give them their own space to help them explore their unique views of the world. ARIES SAGITTARIUS LEO LIBRA GEMINI AQUARIUS BABY Gentle and Caring. Try and be gentle and calm, as Pisces babies can be psychically sensitive. CANCER SCORPIO TAURUS VIRGO CAPRICORN PISCES BABY WHERE DID ASTROLOGY BEGIN? Babylonia, China, Tibet, India-even Central America have a history of astrology, with their beginnings recorded only in myth and legend. Babylonia (present-day Iraq) 2000 BC Spread to the Jews and · Hebrews, the Persians, India and Egypt. Alexander the PATH OF ASTROLOGY Greek Great established 332 BC his empire. The new type of astrology formed the basis for what today is known as Jyotish or Vedic astrology. Greek 200 вс Hellenistic philosophers developed the basis for horoscopic astrology. India TODAY HOW DID ASTROLOGY BENEFIT PEOPLE OF THE PAST COMPARED TO NOW? MEDIEVAL & EARLY THE PAST MODERN ERA MODERN PERIOD Astrology was used to advise the king about ups and downs coming from the gods or from politics. By the time of the Roman Empire astrology was used on a more everyday level to identify people destined for prominence as well as map out their destiny. Astrology was routinely used to answer everyday questions and concerns of people-as well as to identify the best time to begin an enterprise. For example, Baghdad was founded based on a date and Forecasts were seen as fortune-telling, so astrological thinkers turned to psychology to re-invent astrology. Many modern astrologers today are psychological astrologers, helping people to understand themselves and those around them. time supplied by court astrologers. There have been many psychics from this day and age that have predicted significant historical events taking place. THE PSYCHIC TWINS EDGAR CAYCE JEANE DIXON In 1938, Cayce predicted that a portion of "the temples of Atlantis" would be discovered beneath the Dixon's most famous prediction Terry and Linda Jamison are a pair of identical twin sister psychics who predicted the 9/11 attacks. Terry and Linda gave a radio interview on the was the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which she wrote about in 1956, seven years before it happened. Dixon went on to write several successful books and ocean's surface somewhere in "68 or 69." The underwater formation known as the Bimini Road was Art Bell show "Coast to Coast A.M." in 1999, in which they foresaw the a regular newspaper column. The gypsy's prediction also came true -in 1971, Dixon advised president Richard Nixon on possible terrorist terrorist attack on the United States. discovered in 1968, true to Cayce's predictions. The psychic twins also predicted that John F. Kennedy Jr. would die in a plane accident, as he did in 1999. attacks in America. In the last couple of decades, there has been a renewed interest in solid, well-grounded forecasting techniques, drawing on the teachings of Ancient and Medieval astrologers. ASTROLOGY IN THE 21ST CENTURY There is no doubt that astrology has undergone some changes from when it originally began. But just how popular is it in the 21st century? ASTROLOGY READERS AMERICANS SPEND AN ESTIMATED IN THE UNITED STATES, 38 MILLION PEOPLE 125 MILLION people over spend approximately believe in astrology. $44 BILLION annually on ASTROLOGY new age products and services $100 MILLION on astrology each year 75% WOMEN including astrology. APPROXIMATELY IN THE UK, TOTAL NUMBER OF PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGERS IN THE U.S.: 70 MILLION AMERICANS a 2002 study of 34,000 teens revealed that just as many of them believed in horoscopes as those that believe in God. read their horoscopes every day. 7,000 In October 2010, an “Astrology" application providing horoscopes was ranked on of the "Most Explosive Facebook Applications"-with over 114,000 people using the app in one week. ASTROLOGY Most Common to Least Common Zodiac Signs: 0.094% 0.093% 0.092% 0.090% 0.087% 0.084% 0.083% 0.082% 0.081% 0.073% 0.071% 0.063% SCORPIO VIRGO GEMINI PISCES LIBRA CANCER TAURUS CAPRICORN ARIES SAGITTARIUS LEO AQUARIUS While every effort has been made to check the accuracy of the information used, Trinity Mirror plc and its affiliated companies, the publisher of this website and third party providers of the information, disclaim all and any liability for any use made of the information in this infographic. Resource list BY ND %24 Oo ENERGETIC KIND-HEARTED AFFECTIONATE IMAGINATIVE PROTECTIVE CONFIDENT OPTIMISTIC CHARISMATIC UNSELFISH EMPATHETIC DETAIL-ORIENTED RESPONSIBLE INDEPENDENT DOGMATIC INNOVATIVE HUMANE ETHICAL PERSISTENT SPIRITUAL

Written In The Stars: Exploring Astrology

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In this infographic we delve into the world of astrology, we explore the signs of the zodiac and how each of them are classified, what do our star signs hold for us in terms of how successful we are, ...


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