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The World's Most expensive Cars

2.9 THE WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE CARS 2.8 Exploring features and capabilties of the five priciest autos. 2.7 KEY V12) = Engine ### = Number of cars produced 2.6 Big & Bold (V12 At 5,852 Ibs., the Excelero outweighs other sports cars by more than a ton. 2.5 O Luxury Wheels $8.0 MILLION Excelero was created to showcase ultra-high porformance tires from tire manufacturer Fulda 2.4 Knowing The Way Trevita is equipped with custom-built navigation and entertainmeont system. MAYBACH EXELERO V8 2.3 $2.21 MILLI O Dazzling Body a Diamond atures exposed carbon fiber bodywork. The Trevita Weave 2.2 KOENIGSEGG TREVITA O Sitting Pretty Carbon fiber racing seats are upholstered with Pagani Leather. (V12 2.1 $1.8 MILLIUN Ô Made Tough Specially made for the Cinque, the carbon titanium chassis 2.0 PAGANI ZONDA CINQUE ROADSTER (" increases strength. Sound At Any Speed The Veyron's Burmester Storoo plays at 250mph without skipping a beat. 1,9 300 $1.7 MILLIO 1.8 O Ready To Ride Hydraulic system can instantly adjust ride- height for standard driving, handling and top speed. BUGATTI VEYRON EB 16.4 1.7 20 V12 O Info Displays Liquid Crystal Display screens offer two information display modes. $1.56 MILLI Bright Lights Bi-Xenon headlights and heatproof LED Indicator lights allow groat visibility without overheating. 1.5 LAMBORGHINI REVENTÓN TOP SPEED (MPH) 14 CINQUE ROADSTER 217 VEYRON 253, 170 ||| 10 ||| 190 || | 20 ||| 210 || | 20 || 1 20 || | 240 || 1 250 | | 1 250 | 二 1.3 REVENTÓN 211 EXCELERO 218 TREVITA 245 1.2 WHO HAS THEM CELEBRITY RIDES 1.1 WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE SIMON COWELL Том CRUISE 1.0 0.8 BUGATTI VEYRON BUGATTI VEYRON IMPRESSIVE COLLECTIONS 0.7. WYCLEF JEAN JERRY SEINFELD MISSY ELLIOT JAY LENO 0.6 AERIAL ATOM Bentley Speed Six Jaguar XK120M Tesla Roadster OVER 45 PORSCHES ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM Aston Martin V12 Vanquish Lamborghini Gallardo F1 MCLAREN Pagani Zonda C12-S Ferrari 360 Spider Porsche collection is called 0.5 the largest in the world Mercedes G5 and more and more Sources: | | || | | || | ansblog. com 0.4 Carlnsurance Information provided by: COST (MILLIONS OF DOLLARS)

The World's Most expensive Cars

shared by kevin on Mar 21
This infographic breakds down the world's most exotic cars by price and rarity and if you have ever dreamed of driving at speeds of up to 250 mph you must take a look. You can also see which celebrit...


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