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Words that are Transphobic and Why

Words that are TRANSPHOBIC and WHY Transphobia: The fear or hatred of transgender people or people who are perceived as not meeting society's ex- pectations around gender roles, identities, and presentations. Transphobia is closely linked with homophobia and biphobia. That person doesn't really look like a man/woman. You're such a Tranny. Whether or not someone identifies as Trans, calling them a "Tranny" can be extremely offensive. This may be a term that people within the community use and reclaim for themselves, but it should not be used as a joke or What does it mean to look like a man or a woman? There are no set criteria. It also should not be assumed that all Trans men strive to be without consent. masculine or that all Trans women want to be femínine, or that all Trans people want to look like men or women. Gender presentation is fluid and distinct from gender identity, and all forms of gender ex- pression deserve affirmation. What is your REAL name? I mean the one you were given at birth. Why would you transition if you're going to be gay? Gender identity and sexual orientation are two sepa- rate aspects of one's identity. This question demon- strates how heterosexuality is more valued in our so- ciety, and reinforces homophobia and heterosexism. This implies the person's gender identity and chosen name are not "real" and perpetuates the idea of Trans people as deceptive. It removes agency and any right to make decisions for them- selves, and is incredibly invalidating. It presumes a right to intimate information, disregards privacy, and places Trans lives on public display. Calling someone "it" or "He-She" is demeaning and does not validate their identity or respect them as a person. Asking others about Transperson's identity, or offering information about someone. Using the wrong pronouns or making assumptions about others' gender identities. Asking someone about another person's identity is inappropriate. Ask yourself why you want to know. If you are concerned about using the person's preferred pronouns, ask them directly. It is vital that we respect the names and pronouns that people prefer. It is impossible to know without asking. If you are not sure, ask: "What are your preferred pro- nouns?" What are you REALLY? Have you had surgery? If not then you're not really a For more information RESPECT, contact the UC Davis LGBT Asking anyone personal questions about their bodies and/or surger- ies is invasive and inappropriate. We don't ask non-Trans people what is under their clothes; we shouldn't ask Trans people either. Resource Center phone: 530.752.2452 PRIDE

Words that are Transphobic and Why

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This infographic explains what transphobia is. It also provide a list of words, comments and questions that one can say to a transgender person that is insulting and ultimately transphobic.


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