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Women's Coats Visual Guide Infographic

WOMEN'S COATS A VISUAL GUIDE TRENCH COAT The Trench coat came into existence during World War I when it was developed for British officers to help protect them from the different elements on the front line. The origin of its name is derived from the trenches where soldiers endured the onslaught rage of the war. By the 1960's the trench coat was available in different variations and was glorified by the fashion house of Burberry and London's Aquascutum. Today it is one of the most fashionable clothing items and a coat for all seasons. It is versatile and can be worn over casual outfits or elegant formal wear. DUFFEL COAT The Duffel coat or the Duffle coat was created for the British Royal Navy in World War ll to protect the men against the cold winds of the Atlantic and North Sea. The word "duffel refers to the thick and heavy woollen material, which originates from Duffel, a town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium. The big hood was designed to fit over the officers naval caps and the use of toggle fastenings instead of traditional buttons was to make fastening and unfastening easier whilst wearing thick gloves. Duffel coats are now available in many styles, colours and fabrics and can be worn as an everyday casual wear or even work wear. PARKA COAT The parka is a type of heavy coat with a hood, often lined with fur or faux fur. It was first invented by the Inuit people to protect the face from freezing temperatures and strong winds. They used seal and caribou skin to make the protective clothing and hence it came to be known as parka which simply means animal skin It gained prominence in the western culture in the 50's due to its simplicity and practicality. The Mod movement during the 60's further popularised the parka as it became a symbol of youthful rebellion. Today, the parka remains a seasonal wardrobe essential. It has been re-worked and re-invented both on the high street and many fashion houses. The comfortable, warm and durable yet fashionably chic parka is ideal for casual wear. PEA COAT The pea coat was originally designed for sailors in the navies in the 1700s. The coats were navy blue in colour and normally short, heavy and double breasted made from wool and featured eight buttons on the front, broad lapels and vertical or slash pockets. The term pea derived its name from the Dutch word pij, used to describe a coat of coarse woollen fabric. Back then, the Dutch ruled the naval world and hence the pea coat' became a standard term. The popularity of the pea coat can be seen in the variety of colours that are available today in addition to the traditional navy blue. Many designers have copied the design, adding their own personal touch into their fashion line with women's pea coats generally featuring six buttons rather than the customary eight buttons. The pea coat can be paired up with anything in the wardrobe and is great for office and smart casual wear. CAPE COAT Capes were commonly used in medieval Europe and remained popular throughout the later part of the centuries. The word cape refers to a short garment which does not normally cover the front and women generally wore the cape as a fashion statement. Today cape coats come in different lengths, such as over the shoulders, to the waist or a full length cloak. Its versatility makes it suitable for both casual and formal wear. Shorter capes go best with short skirts, pencil skirts and miniskirts paired with tights and knee high boots. For longer capes, it goes best with skinny trousers and a pair of high heels. Capes are great with evening dresses too. CHESTERFIELD COAT The Chesterfield coat is a long, tailored overcoat with no horizontal seam or side bodies. It was made available in a wide variety of fabrics, typically with a velvet collar and people had the option to choose between a single or double breasted design. It was named after the Earl of Chesterfield and over the last 150 years, the details of the Chesterfield coat changed a great deal. Their introduction into women s fashion saw a huge adaptation in the coats style as they were redesigned to fit the female body. Its popularity continues today and its extreme versatility makes it an ideal coat to be worn at any occasion, It can be worn with a formal or semi-formal dress, as a casual jacket or even smart office wear. MILITARY COAT The use of military coats can be traced back as far as 200 BC. However, it wasn t until the 1700s, when we saw the first glimpse of the military coat that we know and love today. It was created by the British Army as a symbol of all hings British and as a symbol of threat to the enemy. Today, the fashionable military coat still provokes the visual reaction. The colours, materials and cuts may have changed, but the iconic style still remains a favourite. The military coat can be worn as a regular jacket and can be paired with anything casual. It looks great with skinny jeans, skirts and even dresses. CAR COAT The car coat was originally made for drivers to keep them warm while driving old fashioned open cars. It featured an A line cut and wide cuffs to allow full range of motion while driving. The typical car coat was thigh length but overtime it became a much shorter garment. As car ownership grew., the car coat became very popular. By the 60's, it became a fashionable garment and was made in a wide variety of fabrics. Its reputation as a practical yet stylish coat makes it an easy and basic every day wear. COCOON COAT The Cocoon coat made its entry into the fashion industry when designer Cristobal Balenciaga 1957. Ever since then the cocoon coat has gone through many reincarnations over the years. came up with the unique creation in The coat was called the cocoon for its barrel line cut that introduced curvy balance with volume. This seminal fashion garment entered the mainstream in the 80's when women joined the workforce. The cocoon coat is cosy, comfortable and chic, making it a perfect winter wear that complements any occasion. PRINCESS COAT The Princess coat was initially named for the princess seams which were long rounded seams sewn into women's blouses to add shaping or a tailored fit to closely follow a woman's shape. The 30's through the 50's were the prime princess coate had a wide, swishy skirt with a nipped-in waist. The princess coat iconic style had a belt that accented the waist with generous flare at the bottom. . The coat The princess coat is still popular today with many variations such as the sleeves having wide cuffs at the end, buttons up the front instead of a belt or some without buttons similar to a wrap over style. Regardless of the design, these coats are ideal for formal occasions. INFOGRAPHIC MADE BY Bargain Crăzy O [email protected] O 0344 811 8114 BARGAIN CRAZY OFFER BIG BRANDS AT LITTLE PRICES. WE SPECIALISE IN OFFERING YOUR FAVOURITE BRANDS AT UP TO 80% DISCOUNT OF THE ORIGINAL CATALOGUE PRICE. ON OUR SITE YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING FROM LADIES FASHION TO MENSWEAR, CHILDRENSWEAR, HOMEWARE AND ELECTRICAL, ALL AT CLEARANCE PRICES.WE STOCK TOP BRANDS INCLUDING ADIDAS, FCUK, G-STAR RAW, LIPSY, NIKE, AND SUPERDRY. AS THE PRIMARY CLEARANCE ARM OF SHOP DIRECT GROUP, YOU CAN BE REST ASSURED THAT ALL OUR PRODUCTS ARE 100% GENUINE. VISIT US NOW TO SAVE BIG. 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Women's Coats Visual Guide Infographic

shared by BargainCrazy on Dec 02
Today there are many different women’s coats available online and in the high street, and sometimes it can get more than a little confusing. Ever seen a coat that you particularly like the style of,...


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