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Women and Men, When they are shoping for Furniture

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Women&Men WHEN THEY ARE SHOPPING FOR FURNITURE It's been the subject of a thousand jokes since the very first trader opened up a shop Men and Women simply can't seem to agree when it comes to shopping. Unfortunately, this can lead to a very common scene at many stores, as a woman tries to take her time deciding and a man wants to get out of there as soon as possible. This is especially true in furniture shopping, which can drastically effect the appearance of an entire house, and which women tend to take very seriously. If you are one half of a conflicted couple and are dreading your next trip to buy new furniture, save yourself some anguish and instead try to approach your shopping with a few basic rules in mind... What Women think about shopping... What Men think about shopping... Id rather be watching the football. OMG I love shopping! Women will .Men will often be excited to view shopping think about new as little more acquistions... than a chọre. What Women think about shopping... What Men think about shopping... Shopping is se totally the best thing ever! rd rather be watching the Potboll Actuolly Id Id rather be That's SO00 cute! Such a bargain darting ulching the football rether watch Im bored Im bold the footie Three out of four young women While her man gets bored and think about shopping all the time... constantly consults his watch... How many Women think about shopping all the time? What Men will be thinking about while shopping. 25% 74% of Men prefer to think about of Women think Football about shopping every minute 50% worry about expenditure 26% of Women don't think about shopping every minute 25% of Men prefer to think about Beer Out of the 778 women - aged 19 to 45- that were interviewed, Men think more of the price, expenditure, football and beer, but they are obliged to keep the peace with their lady. 74 per cent said they think about shopping every minute. What Women think about What Men think about shopping for furniture... shopping for furniture... 1. When a woman buys a piece of furniture, she 1. The average man doesn't really enjoy spending time in a furniture store, and will try and find what he needs quickly isn't just thinking about that particular item. She's thinking about how it will fit in with the home 2. Men are more likely to focus on the furniture itself, rather than the design scheme of their entire house 2. Women value Cohesiveness and Design when purchasing furniture for their home 3. Men Want Comfort, Value and Durability 3. When a woman buys something, she knows 4. Men like to judge a chair or a table on its own exactly where it will go and how it will look there merits. Is it comfortable? Is the price right? If the 4. Women desire a beautifully decorated home answer is yes, then s time to make a purchasel What e-commerce features are important to Women when shopping online? What e-commerce features are important to Men when shopping online? Are timed deliveries important? Is a speedy checkout process important? Is an option to collect from store important? Is the "customers also bought function" important? Are customer reviews important? Is detailed product information & clear images important? 40% 40% 30% 30% 20% Pecentage of positive answers Pecentage of positive ar answers What would make a Woman abandon an online purchase before finishing? What would make a Man abandon an online purchase before finishing? Is it the only way you can work out the final price? Do the forms take too long to fill out? Do you decide you don't like or want the product after all? Do you think the website design seems poor? Are you unsure about security? Is it annoying to have to sign up first? اما ا 50% H50% 40% 40% 30% 30% 10% 0% Pecentage of positive answers Pecentage of positive answers Key points for surviving shopping for furniture for both Women & Men 1 2 345 Be respectful (pay Don't get into a The two genders It is important to always keep each other's viewpoints Have an honest attention to your discussion before fight over furniture, complement each partner, respect each purchasing, avoiding it is just furniture other, remember in mind other's opinions) arguments afterwards after all guyst and respect this! We can see that there are plenty of differences between the way Women and Men look at shopping for furniture, or indeed, any other product, whether it's on the high street, retail park or at home online. At the end of the day, we all all humans and we can all get on fine, shopping need not be a massive chore if you respect each other. If the high streets and retail parks are all too much then there is always shopping online at home, with advances in technologies it's becoming faster, simpler and easier to shop online with some wonderful savings, and we all like savings! Peace, Love & Happy Shopping! J000 Do00 000

Women and Men, When they are shoping for Furniture

shared by alenarish on Aug 02
Men and Women Shopping behavior while doing shopping in general or shopping for particular thing like furniture


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