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Winter Sun Tan

Winter Sun Jam Ten tips to make your summer glow last until your next holiday We may all be heading home from holiday spots and swapping our bikinis for cardies, but the return of cooler weather doesn't mean we have to lose our holiday glow just yet. Make your colour go the distance with these tan prolonging tips. Skip the scrub Depilate beforehand Wax before your holiday, not when you're already tanned, as waxing pulls off surface skin cells. If you shave, swap your wet razor for an electric shaver, as it won't remove as many skin cells. Exfoliate beforehand "To extend your tan, forget about exfoliating your body and face for a few weeks, as it scuffs off old skin and your tan will fade faster than your holiday memories." Charmian Harris – beauty journalist @charmianharris The best time to exfoliate is before you hit the beach. This will ensure your skin cells are at the beginning of their cycle, so your tan will last longer. On the beach Go slow Build up your tan gradually and safely. Remember that the longer it takes you to develop a tan, the longer it's likely to last. Protect Not only does sunburn cause skin damage (and wrinkles), it also causes blistering and peeling which means you'll lose your tan really fast. To stop UVB damage, always use a high-factor sun cream and remember to apply it frequently. Max out on moisture Moisturise "Moisturise daily with an aftersun to ensure those tanned skin cells stay put for as long as possible. " Charmian Harris – beauty journalist @charmianharris You could also try swapping your usual shower gel for a superhydrating shower oil. Repair If you have mild sunburn, an aloe vera balm will help to cool and soothe your skin, relieve the feeling of tightness, and help prevent peeling. Calamine lotion can relieve itching, soreness and redness as well as aid the healing process. Prolong from inside Hydrate Water helps to extend the life of your skin cells, so drink as much as possible. Snack on foods with a high water content, such as melon, cucumber and celery. 80 Nourish Tan optimising supplements nourish the skin from within with powerful anti-oxidants, which protect the skin and help it to heal. They also may increase melanin production to boost the tanning process and help you maintain your colour for longer. "The easiest way to keep your summer tan is to eat food and vegetables that contain beta-carotene. There's nothing better than munching on fresh carrots, peaches, apricots, spinach, tomatoes or kale." Alexandra Kovacova - travel blogger @sexyfuntraveler, @fitwhentravel Make it last Top up Start topping up your natural colour as soon as your suitcases are unpacked. "When I moisturise in late summer and fall, I use products with self-tanner in them." Kristen Alana – travel writer @kirstenalana 10 Cheat Once your golden glow has completely faded, it's time to find a good fake tan and a quality bronzer to maintain your sunkissed look right up until your next holiday. "Bronzing powder is the ultimate makeup must-have to maintain that summer glow all year long. By enhancing your skin tone, a bronzer strengthens the look of your tan while adding a healthy sheen to your skin with its shimmery texture." Alexandra Jimenez – travel, fashion and beauty writer @TravlFashnGirl HAYES&JARVIS prolong-your-tan-106204 HOLIDAYS AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU

Winter Sun Tan

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A guide to prolonging your summer tan through til winter with top tips from industry experts and bloggers.


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