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Wigs Through History

Wigs Through History -A Timeline 3150 BC Ancient Egyptians shaved their head for cleanliness and wore wigs to protect their heads from the sun. Often adorned with 55BC O braids, gold rings and ornaments as a status symbol. The Romans and Greeks wore wigs to distinguish social calibre. O 1600 Wigs were worn to compensate for hair loss or as a fashion accessory to improve appearance. Unhygienic conditions 1660 meant hair attracted head Wigs for men were introduced to England when lice. The problem was reduced by shaving head and wearing a wig which Charles Il was restored to the throne in 1660. was easier to de-louse. O 1665 Wigmaker's guild was established in France, a development soon copied 1675 The word 'wig' first appeared in English language around 1675 elsewhere in Europe. O 1800 Wigs were powdered to give them their distinctive white or off-white colour. 1780 Young men set fashion trend lightly powdering their natural hair. 1790 After 1790 both wigs and powder were reserved for older more conservative men. 1795 O English government levied a tax for hair powder of 1 guinea per year 1920 Short haircuts became fashionable and the trend for wigs almost disappeared. 1960 A hairpiece as a fashion item became a must. Wigs and hairpieces started being sold in department stores and not just specialised shops O 1990 - Now Now there is a growing trend for wigs for hair loss due to medical reasons and also as a fashion item. Many famous celebrities have worn wigs as an accessory - Rihanna, Beyoncé, Adele, Lady Gaga and more. Fun Facts ABOUT WIGS Queen Elizabeth I Mozart wore a wig to owned 150 wigs cover a deformity of his left ear In 1765, wigmakers marched through London to present the King with a petition demanding that certain professions should be forced to wear wigs ORD RINGS THE TWOTOWERS THE JOURNEY CONTINUES DECEMBER 18, 200 More wigs were made for The Two Towers, the second Lord of the Rings film, than any other film The word 'bigwig' comes from the old tendency for the most important officials to wear the biggest wigs BuşWigs Sources:

Wigs Through History

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Wigs have been an important part of personal adornment through the centuries where they have been worn to signify wealth and power as well as just fashion items. People have even worn wigs for very pr...


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