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Why Oakley Sunglasses

BAKLEY O A KLEY SUNGLASSES FOR MEN At face value it's pretty simple, guys are funny looking. Luckily for us, the sunglass companies agree. Year after year, designers put out a variety of sunglasses – all shapes and sizes – so no matter what your facial complexion requires, there's a pair of shades ready to stylize that ridiculous looking 'mug' of yours. But choose wisely, because this isn't a 'one size fits all' type of ordeal. Appropriately matching your facial profile requires a little common knowledge and a hard look into the mirror. But no worries TopGun, heed these tips to avoid the danger zones and you'll be flying high in 'Maverick' territory. TOR TIP Round Face OoOval Face Being 'well-rounded is usually a good thing. However, finding eyewear to complement a rounder facial structure can Your oval face is a designer's playground. Able to wear a wide variety of styles, the only major limiting factor for these gents are finding frames that complement the eyebrows. "Note: Shaving your eyebrows does not eliminate this problem. get tricky. A good rule of thumb is to lean more towards oblong and square frames over any round-in-nature alternatives. Elijah Wood Matt Damon Long Face Looking to accentuate that narrow face with some shades? OSquare Face Try sporting sunglasses with a wider frame or opting for shorter lenses, from top to bottom. This will help balance your slenderness and keep you looking stylish, like Eminem here – they don't call him Slim Shady for nothing. Having a square face and jawline is tops. You can pretty much slap anything on that cabeza of yours and walk out the door looking good. Also, sharing characteristics with Brad Pitt never hurts. Brad Pitt Eminem Inverted-Triangle Face Bigger is better or guys with a triangular complexion – broad forehead, strong cheekbone, and pointy chin. When trying on sunglasses, target large lenses, thick nose bridges, and wide arm frames. Aviators are always a pro-choice. Justin Timberlake Sport Sunglasses Active Sunglasses Lifestyle Sunglasses Price range: $100-300 Price range: $100-350 Price range: $80-180 Fast Jacket Whisker Inmate Radarlock Path Photochromic Crosshair Frogskins Radar XL Baldes Polarized Deviation C-Wire M Frame Нybrid Oakley Blender Probation Radar Pitch Golf Specific Polarized Titanium Crosshair Plaintiff ROUND FACE OVAL FACE LONG FACE SQUARE FACE TRIANGULAR FACE 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT Sunglasses 1 Elton John, singer, is rumored to own over 1,000 pairs of sunglasses. 2 Elvis Presley's infamous Madison Square Garden sunglasses sold on eBay for a whopping $25OK! The bargains you can find on eBay. 3 Sunglasses constitute a $34 billion annual market at retail. WUARY 4 |In the US, every 14 seconds someone loses, breaks, or sits on a pair of sunglasses. On eBay, a pair of men sunglasses is sold every 90 seconds. | In 1929, Sam Foster sold the first pair of sunglasses (Foster Grants) at the Woolworth on Atlantic City Boardwalk. In the following decade, sunglasses would explode in popularity. GRANIS FOSTER I Sunglasses would not become polarized until 1936, when Edwin H. Land began experimenting with making lenses using his patented Polaroid filter. 8. 8 Available since 1953, Ray-Bans most popular model, the Wayfarer, is reported to be the best-selling style in history. Pere Down Under, over 50% of the Australian population wears sunglasses. 10 0 True to their trailblazing nature. In 2004, Oakley was first to develop music playing sunglasses, Thump. A year later, Oakley pressed the envelope even further with their Razrwire sunglasses, doubling as a wireless cellphone. Why ОАKL EY Sunglasses? Oakley High Definition Optics®: - Clearer, sharper, non-shifted images Oakley Hydrophobic: - Moisture buildup prevention for cleaner lenses Oakley Plutonite®: - HD Polarized - 100% filter of all UV ----- Oakley eyewear frames: - Geometries that extend peripheral view Oakley impact protection Oakley Transitions® SOLFX™ photochromic technology: - Adapts to changing light conditions Published by: 5FrameLOT.COM 24 Designed by: InfoGraphicg DESIGN TEAMU SOFTWAY EYEGLASSES, SUNGLASSES & CONTACTS SOLUTIONS

Why Oakley Sunglasses

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Why Oakley Sunglasses


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