Why is GoalWish Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

Why is GoalWish different? COMPARED TO You don't scroll for hours You don't gossip Friends are not just friends. They help and you help them No games No distraction from your valuable time Social media platforms Goal setting apps or seminars Scheduling tools are free of charge Content is more dynamic No software to download It is personalized for you You have free acces to experts community, books and advice You have the best motivational information on GoalWish enciclopedia You have free access to specialized books You can create your own library based on your goals You are tracked to put in practice what you read Books GoalWish helps people more than any other tool in establishing goals, channel efforts and time properly under experts' and friend advice, stay motivated and put life into real action. DID YOU KNOW? THAT OF US... 3% have written goals 13% have unwritten goals 84% have no goals at all Depressed people are not less motivated by personal goals but are more pessimistic about attaining them. People with written goals earn 10 times more than people with no goals To achieve your goal, it is important to be connected with people with same goals that provide regular feedback, encouragement and recognition. 3% 97% If the people with whom you spend the most time – family, colleagues or virtual friends are not clear and committed to goals, there is a chance that you will not be, either. FIND PEOPLE LIKE YOU Social Media GoalWish 7hrs are spent daily What if you would plan your life and goals for these 7 hrs a day? Time spent is useful for your personal development What if the shared content would change your life and others' life as well? 72% of users like and share photos and content Relevant content for putting life and plans into real action mode What if there would be 1.5 billion happy people with 1.5 billion dreams come true ? You are not only a user, you are a happy one! 1.5 billion people use Social Media WHAT IS NEW If you want a happy life, tie it to a goal! With GoalWish! FREE ACCES PERSONAL PERSONAL VISIONBOARD PROFILE with JOURNAL to goals and action plans TAILORED to experts database and materials track your with your goals feelings Goalwish

Why is GoalWish Different From Other Social Media Platforms?

shared by alexandru.popes... on May 21
GoalWish is a social media platform that helps people achieve what they are set out for throughout integrated tools and a community of professionals. People use GoalWish to establish their goals, ...


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