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Who's Your MISTER?

WHOSMISTER? YOUR RTS HER ORTS HEA SPORTS HEAV LOOKING SEASON FINALE SUNDAY, MARCH 9 / 10:30PM EST HBO DOM PATRICK AGUSTIN SEE HOW YOUR FAVORITE LOOKING CHARACTER MEASURES UP "Thank you for being a friend:" agrees to take Dorothy (aka Patrick) to his ex's bachelor party. Decides to move in with his sexy boyfriend, Frank. Park sex may be cliché, but it's so retro-cool. Kudos for stepping outside his comfort zone. O +2 INCHES +3 INCHES +2 INCHES Kisses Scotty while Frank watches and then has his Fails to pick up waiter with the line "I'd like to put my positive energy first 3 way at work. Explore your world. Answers phone in the middle of a handjob? Fail. in your universe." +3 -3 INCHES -2 INCHES INCHES Meets ex-meth addict Scores a date during work. Yay for multitasking. Gets the axe from his job ex-boyfriend; fails to ask for his $8,000 back and pays for lunch! for cutting down his boss's work. 9 +3 INCHES -4 INCHES -2 INCHES Meets sweet, Takes career advice from a sex outgoing MISTER, Richie, on MUNI. Meets and tops pocket-gay. worker in a café. Great job, Daddy, for cumming in Leaves sans unison, but you should know +1 INCH his number. better than to No bueno. numb feelings with sex. -2 -1 INCH INCHES Tells Patrick he's slumming by dating Richie, while Richie listens in. What a Announces he will open a peri-peri chicken restaurant in the middle of dance-aerobic Stops caring what Mom thinks and goes to Esta Noche in search C-U- Next- of his man. Bold! Tuesday! class; extra points for combining Q +4 INCHES -5 INCHES exercise +life changing decisions. Go Fonda. Treats Richie like a piece of uncut Latin penis. +4 INCHES Doesn't tell Frank he's paying his hooker friend by the hour. O -5 INCHES 8 -3 INCHES Befriends a handsome Daddy in Works overtime to get staffed on the new project the bathhouse, then ditches him to bang a boy. FINAL SIZE: -6" and nails it. Woo hoo! -2 INCHES With no job, a habit for taking people for granted, and negative 6 inches, Agustin is practically growing a vagina. +3 INCHES Asks Lynn out to lunch and hits him up for business Created By Apologizes to Richie and makes things right. Way to fight for your hombre. MISTER advice. +1 MEET REAL MEN INCH MISTERAPP.COM +2 INCHES Jokes that 'Grindr sends you a Gets rimmed and decides to death certificate' on your 40th birthday. Congrats for realizing it might be time for something different. become a bottom. All in one day! Spontane-ass! MISTER O +2 INCHES +5 INCHES Embarrassed to date stylist! FINAL SIZE: 5" Hell no. Sometimes 5 inches can feel like 10. Dom is learning to grow up and become the MISTER we know he was always meant to be. -4 INCHES MR FINAL SIZE: 3" It's been a bumpy ride for our protagonista. We hope to see him man up, bottom up and learn to appreciate a man who can play guitar naked. Available on the App Store ANDROD APP ON ►Google play

Who's Your MISTER?

shared by amejean on Mar 09
To celebrate Sunday’s finale, we’ve scoured the first few episodes of HBO’s "Looking," crunched some numbers and churned out a highly scientific, authoritative breakdown (in inches!) of the thre...




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