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Who is Leaving the UK: Where are they Going and Why?

LEAVING BLIGHTY WHO WHERE AND WHY An overview of emigration from the UK in 2012 TOTAL NUMBER OF MIGRANTS 321,000 TOP DESTINATIONS EU 114,000 Australia 48,000 India 26,000 USA 20,000 Middle East 14,000 New Zealand 8,000 South Africa 4,000 Reasons for Leaving the UK They've decided to pack up and leave, but what were the reasons behind our expatriates looking for a new home? Definite job 115,000 35.8% Looking for work 68,000 21.1% (? No Reason Given 43,000 13.4% Accompany/Join 36,000 11.2% Formal Study 21,000 6.5% Intended Length of Stay Not everyone who leaves wants to spend the rest of their life away from the UK, how long were expatriates intending to stay in their new country? MORE THAN 1-2 YEARS 3-4 YEARS NOT SURE 4 YEARS 64.8% 22.1% 7.4% 5.9% 208,000 71,000 24,000 19,000 UK Area of Origin Before the migration, what part of the country did these Brits call home? NORTHEN ENGLAND SCOTLAND WALES IRELAND 86.6% 6.5% 2.8% 4.3% 278,000 21,000 9,000 14,000 Previous Occupation New employment opportunities lure many out of the country, but what kind of job or life are they leaving behind? PROFESSIONAL MANUAL & STUDENTS CHILDREN & MANAGERIAL CLERICAL 37% 24.9% 23.3% 4.6% 119,000 80,000 75,000 15,000 Prepared by John Mason International Shipping & Removals. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Sources: The World Bank: Bilateral Migration and Remittance 2011 - The Migration Observatory Emigration Outflows - johnmason Internationalmovers

Who is Leaving the UK: Where are they Going and Why?

shared by Dhellowell on Apr 23
The United Kingdom is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to migrate and begin a new life in a new country. But what about those who are already living in the UK and want to leave? ...


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