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Who Are America's Working Poor & Uninsured?

-SICK-AND TIRED- Who are America's Working Poor & Uninsured? In 2011 46.2 10.4 MILLION MILLION Americans were living in poverty of these impoverished individuals were considered "working poor" 'working poor' defined: individuals who met poverty guidelines while working or actively job searching for 27 weeks of 1 year 2012 46 of adults aged 19-64 in the US were underinsured or uninsured. 55 million people under age 65 are uninsured -30% uninsured 3/4 of them are families -16* underinsured definition of underinsured: low income individuals whose medical expenses are more than 5% of their income MAP OF THE NATION'S UNINSURED AND THE WORKING POOR population of working poor uninsured 0-250,000 4-10% 250,000-500, 000 11-15% 500,000-750, 000 16-20% 750,000-1,000,000 21-30% PROFILE OF THE WORKING POOR AND THE UNINSURED Classified as working poor: 4.9 MILLION men 5.5 MILLION Women The poster child for America's working poor: Young Black and Hispanic Women Working poor: 13.3% OF ALL BLACKS 12.9 OF ALL HISPANICS Uninsured: 23 33 OF HISPANICS 14 OF 20-24 YEAR OLDS 1/3 OF BLACKS of Black women in this age group were classified as working 33 70of young adults (19-29) are uninsured -the highest rate of any age group poor EDUCATION NO 63 of uninsured adults have a high school diploma or less 29.3* of people with a high school diploma or less are classified as working poor FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN: 4 TIMES An estimated MORE LIKELY to live in poverty than those without children 11 million low-income children and their parents are thought to be eligible for public insurance programs (such as CHIP - Children's Health Insurance Program) but have failed to enroll MINIMUM WAGE STIFLES THE WORKING POOR The US federal minimum wage: The Obama administration has proposed raising the federal minimum wage to At this wage, someone working 27 weeks out of the year would earn only $7.25 an hour $9.00 an hour $9,720 a year unchanged since 2008 To meet the federal poverty guideline standards of $23,550 for a family of 4 a worker would need a full time job earning $11.32 an hour 61% 16% of uninsured people of uninsured people are from families with 1 or more part-time workers are from families with 1 or more full-time workers The average annual total cost of employer-sponsored family coverage: The average annual family policy was THE SHARE OF THE PREMIUM PAID BY ALL WORKERS INCREASED TO 30% $15,745 $13,770 for an individual policy in 2010 WILL FEDERAL CHANGES MAKE A DIFFERENCE? Percentage of working poor has risen from In 2012, 41% Б.1 to of American adults had difficulty paying off medical bills or medical debt in 2006 in 2011 Notable policies of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, beginning January 1 2014: Beginning on January 1, 2014, Medicare will be extended to those with family incomes up to 133% of the federal poverty level, unless states choose not to participate Between 2014 and 2016, the federal government will pay 100% of the cost of covering newly- eligible Medicare individuals Health rankings of the 9 states resisting Medicaid reform on a scale of 1-50 (with 50 being the worst): Extend dependent coverage to young adults under age 27 Required minimum coverage of preventative services and immunizations No out-of-pocket requirements can exceed those in Health Savings Accounts, and deductibles in the small group market cannot exceed $2,000 for an individual and $4,000 for a family 25 50 Best health ranking Worst health ranking The open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act's new insurance coverage options begins October 2013 in all 50 states Sources: Presented by pdf pdf http://www.endhome html Insurance O DEVELOPED RY N NOWSOURCING

Who Are America's Working Poor & Uninsured?

shared by NowSourcing on May 09
This infographic delves into the world of the working poor – how did they end up in such a dire situation? And will Obamacare help to alleviate their financial woes?


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