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Which Wedding Venue is Right for You?

WHICH WEDDING VENUE is Right for You? PICKING YOUR WEDDING LOCATION CAN BE A COMPLICATED ENDEAVOR. THANKFULLY, DIFFERENT TYPES OF VENUES FIT WELL WITH DIFFERENT STYLES. ONCE YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT YOU'RE LOOKING FOR, TAKE A TOUR OF THE VENUE OPTIONS AND FIND YOUR DREAM LOCATION. E THEME Appropriate for all seasons. SEASON LOCATION INDOOR High cost. Most vendors must be booked through COST Some might have an outdoor space for the ceremony. the venue. Extremely experienced SERVICE staff on hand to make your day go smoothly. iii iiii Large or small guest list. ..• If at a hotel, guests Plan on lots of don't have to travel far as they can book rooms there. decorations and flowers to make the venue fit your Hotel/Banquet HHall theme. ONE OF THE MORE TRADITIONAL VENUES AVAILABLE. CAN PROVIDE A FANCIER AESTHETIC. Wineries are prettiest in the late summer and fall. WINE SEASON THEME COST Mid-to-high cost. Decorations and flowers can be minimal as you can use the location LOCATION OUTDOOR itself as your theme. .... Cannot bring in other drinks. Most wineries require you purchase and serve only their wine. Sometimes can SERVICE be in the barrel or tasting room. Winery Partial service - Will often have chairs and tables, but plan on your own officiant and caterer. Guest list of any size. IDEAL FOR THE WINE LOVING COUPLE. CAN BE VERY UPSCALE OR PRETTY CASUAL DEPENDING ON HOW YOU PLAY IT. THEME SEASON RELIGIOUS Appropriate for all seasons. CCST If you're a member of that religious organization, rental fees are often nominal. LOCATION INDOOR SERVICE Can accommodate a large guest list. Partial service - No catering or DJ provided, but many times they do have a wedding coordinator and a minister to perform the vows. Traditional ... Many churches have a gathering space for a reception. INCLUDES CHURCHES, SYNAGOGUES OR MOSQUES. IF YOU AND YOUR SPOUSE-TO-BE ARE RELIGIOUS THIS CAN BE A NATURAL CHOICE. NATURE Subject to weather (avoid adverse weather seasons such as deep winter). OUTDOOR THEME LOCATION SEASON Alcohol often isn't allowed at public parks and COST Venue itself can be relatively inexpensive. spaces. Usually no additional services (venue only). •• Look for hidden costs- chair rentals, fees for more guests, or tent rentals. SERVICE Requires little-to-no decoration. Nature is the backdrop. Outdoors A small or large guest list. A WIDE OPEN SPACE SUCH AS A FIELD, A FOREST, GARDEN, OR WATERFALL. CAN BE THE IDEAL VENUE FOR AN OUTDOORSY COUPLE. Seasonality would depend on if you'll be indoors or outdoors. SEASON THEME Noise considerations. Check with neighbors about music and hours. or E LOCATION - INDOOR OUTDOOR No additional services. Would have to hire SERVICE > .. Depending on the size of the home. everyone from caterer to DJ to minister. Smaller guest list. Venue is usually free or really inexpensive. CST Friend's Home A nice thank you gift might suffice. ... Most homes can't accommodate many people. INTIMATE AND PERSONAL. PERFECT IF YOU FREQUENTLY GATHER WITH YOUR FRIENDS AT ONE LOCATION- USE THAT HOME! THEME SEASON > TRAVEL Can happen anytime of the year. + LOCATION SERVICE - Full service. Your chosen venue will generally take care of all your decorations, flowers, favors, etc. or INDOOR OUTDOOR ... Depends on your chosen destination. Smaller guest list. Relatively expensive. COST Destination lany people may not be able to afford the travel. .*... But you can roll your honeymoon into it as well. ON A CRUISE SHIP OR AT A RESORT. FLASHY AND FUN FOR THE COUPLE WHO HAS WANDERLUST. SEASON -→ - THEME HISTORICAL Appropriate for all seasons. Usually fairly high cost. Can require a large insurance policy to protect the location. COST or ELOCATION INDOOR OUTDOOR . Can be difficult to book because of competing events or holidays. :**** Can be full or SERVICE partial service. → wide range for your guest list. Historic Locations .... Often have a restricted set list of vendors that are approved to work within that facility. PERFECT IF YOU AND/OR YOUR INTENDED ARE HISTORY FANATICS. THEME IS GENERALLY AROUND THE LOCATION. FAIRYTALE AT A CASTLE, HIGH END BALL AT A MANSION. Sources Wedbuddy

Which Wedding Venue is Right for You?

shared by singlegrain2013 on Apr 24
There are a lot of pieces to the perfect wedding puzzle, but one of the largest and most difficult is the wedding venue. From choosing the right ambience to selecting between indoor and outdoor option...






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