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Which Sock Is Your Spirit Animal: Picking the Right Pattern

PICKING THE RIGHT PATTERN Which Sock is Your Spirit Animal? Gone are the days of getting away with old and mismatched socks. After years of being neglected and pushed aside, men's socks are back in the spotlight. But lots of guys aren't sure what kind of socks to get or how to match them to their outfits. Luckily, we have you covered. Here's a crash course in what kind of socks you should be wearing and how you should be wearing them. SOCK PATTERNS SOLID POLKA DOTS When in doubt, stick with a solid color. The safest Polka dots are having their moment in menswear. option is to wear a solid color that matches your pants, They're a great way to add some playfulness to an but a solid bright sock can provide a pop of color and otherwise stark outfit. personality to an otherwise drab outfit. STRIPES BOLDER PATTERNS Stripes are the gateway drug of the sock world. Patterns like camouflage and chevron are great for They are the perfect way to inject your outfit with trying some bolder clothes without going overboard. some pattern and interest without going overboard, When it comes to how to wear bolder patterns, there and matching one of the colors to your pants is a way are no rules, just make sure that they don't clash with to keep it safe while still venturing just out of your the other colors in your outfit. comfort zone. Which sock IS YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? Socks can help convey your personality, but what message are you sending? Find your personality below to get matched with your one true pair of socks. The Closer • You are all about getting results, both in the boardroom and otherwise. • Your appearance is clean-cut and you demand respect from the people around you. While you usually dress conservatively, sometimes you like to mix it up a bit. Your Sock: SOLID More professional matters call for ones that match your pants, but don't be afraid of a bright punch of color now and then. The Minimalist • You value style and pay close attention to what you wear, but you like to keep it fairly simple. It's the small details that make or break the outfit for you. Your Sock: POLKA DOTS You're able to have some fun and complement your style without getting too crazy. Keep the colors muted unless you want your socks to steal the attention from your other clothes. The Peacock • You are always on top of the latest trends and fads. • You like to showcase your style and you don't mind if your clothes are loud and attention grabbing. If you've got it, flaunt it. Your Sock: BOLDER PATTERNS Patterns like camouflage are trendy and eye grabbing. They're not for everyone, but you have the confidence and style to pull them off with ease. The New Englander • You have a soft spot for tradition and JFK is your style icon. • You own at least one pair of boat shoes (but probably more). • You are fairly adventurous with your style, but have an appreciation for the classics. Your Sock: STRIPES Perhaps in your alma mater's colors? You can mix things up without getting too out there. Sources: NICE LAUNDRY

Which Sock Is Your Spirit Animal: Picking the Right Pattern

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Clothes are the ultimate expression of self - this infographic will help you get the details right. What sock type is your spirit animal?


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