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What's Your Giving Personality?

WHAT'S YOUR CIVING PERSONALITY? BROUGHT TO YOU BY chimp IN 2010: Everybody has something to give, 81% but how we give is as individual as we are. Find out what your giving DONATED style says about you! 49% VOLUNTEERED START Do you give on a regular basis? NO YES THAT'S OK! Choose a drink. Would you rather donate... CHEERS! Beer with a friend NOG You are most likely to... Eggnog Time Money Coffee (Lots Of It) YES, PLEASE! Give online or tweet for charity Write a cheque or respond to a mailout COOL! Do you only give at Christmas? Buy a lunch for Are you the first person to tweet, post, pin, and snapchat about a friends' fundraiser? someone in need HIGH FIVES! Do you advocate for causes you believe in? NO YES YES NO NO YES Do you often give on impulse? 'TIS THE SEASON! Pick a celebrity. Pick a TV Show YES NO STATUS UPDATE! Friends The Amazing Race Erin Brockovich Chris Hadfield Steve Jobs CLASSIC! AWESOME! Have you ever played a guitar on a space station? Do you have more than 1,000 people in your contact list? Where are you more likely to be found on a Sunday? Do you have your giving for the year planned? YES NO YES NO NO YES Helping a friend move a couch GOOD ONE! Have you ever run your own fundraiser? SOLID AS A ROCK! Volunteering at a soup kitchen YES NO Would you rather be... THE FREE SPIRIT THE MERRYMAKER ADD ME! OPEN-MINDED · CREATIVE . SPONTANEOUS LOYAL · TRADITIONAL · CHEERFUL Starting a social business You care about many causes and give on the spur of the moment. That $10 you dropped into the Salvation Army kettle, or the extra dollar for charity you added to your grocery bill: you give when the opportunity arises and when you feel like it. Whether it's all that tinselorthe eggnog - the holiday season never fails to put you in a charitable mood. And who could blame you! It's called the season of giving after all. You value tradition and you are a loyal giver to a carefully selected pool of charitable organizations you support every year. Skydiving for charity Try This! Fundraising might be another way for you to channel your fun-loving, creative personality into charitable action with a big impact. Your strongest trait: Try This! Find out how you can keep up the spirit of giving all year round at HOLY SMOKES! Reliable nature Entrepreneurial spirit Stellar THE GOOD EGG networking skills THE PLANNER ORGANIZED. CONSISTENT • SMART KIND · HELPFUL · PERSONABLE Your friends know they can always call you to move a couch on a Sunday morning. You generally go out of your way to help people. Donations aren't really your way of giving because it's not personal enough and you're skeptical about where your money is really going. For you, it's a lot more satisfying to carry that old lady's grocery bag home for her, or buy lunch for someone in need. Schedules, calendars, maps and Excel spreadsheets are your best friends! A level-headed realist, you are down-to-earth, reliable and you love to plan – and that includes how and where you give. You have a fixed charitable annual budget and are smart about how to manage your charitable giving, for example by setting up recurring donations. Way to go! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! Try This! Find out about ways you can integrate giving into your daily life at Try This! Take managing and organizing your charitable giving to the next level with a Chimp account. Sign up at CHARITY THE VOLUNTEER THE ENTREPRENEUR PROACTIVE . ENTHUSIASTIC . SELFLESS THE PROMOTER THE ADVENTURER THE ENTHUSIAST SMART • INFORMED · INFLUENTIAL SOCIAL · SUPPORTIVE · TECH-SAVVY ACTIVE • OUTGOING · INSPIRING PASSIONATE · DEDICATED · LOYAL The Volunteer can be seen ladling soup into a bowl at a local shelter or helping You are the "Steve Jobs" of charity! You're passionate, fearless and make out at an event for cancer research. You're the first person to sign up for that charitable triathlon or that costume When you're passionate about something, you're one hundred percent in! You show up at a charitable event smart decisions in order to achieve Rather than giving money, you prefer to give your time, energy and skills to support your favourite causes. It's important to you to play an active role in making this world a better place. You are a social butterfly who loves to mingle online and offline. But you're not just social, you're also supportive and frequently use your extensive networks to promote charitable initiatives. If a friend is running a fundraiser you tweet, post and chat about it and you're quick to text or challenge at work. Adventurers are outgoing thrill-seekers. The more you can push your boundaries for charity's sake, the better – and the more people you can rally for your cause, the merrier. You truly understand the power of giving together – and how to have fun with it! optimal leverage for your charitable dollars. Because of your entrepreneurial spirit and uncanny ability to inspire others, you easily manage to drum up support on a large scale for causes or charities you believe in. come rain or shine – or thunderstorms and tidal waves. You give regularly and are a walking encyclopedia when it comes to the causes you champion. Fiercely loyal to the organizations you support, you are any charity's dream supporter. "tweet" some charitable dollars. Try This! Get the most impact out of you charitable activities! Run a Try This! Next time, instead of donating to a cause, put up a matching grant to get the most out of your gift. fundraiser and ask friends to reward you for time volunteered or tasks completed. Try This! Give to one of the many campaigns on Chimp – and don't forget to tweet about it! Try This! Pick a challenge and add a charitable angle by starting your own Try This! Manage and amplify your charitable giving by setting a giving goal for the next year. Learn more at fundraiser. WHATEVER YOUR GIVING PERSONALITY, CHIMP HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE. GIVE YOUR WAY AT CHIMP.NET chimp

What's Your Giving Personality?

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A fun flowchart-style quiz aimed at finding out what your charitable giving style is. Written by Dee Keilholz




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