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What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

WHAT YOUR COSTUME SPENDING Halloween is all about respect and remembrance for those SAYS ABOUT YOU who have passed on - except that it blatantly isn't. It is about playing dress up, carving extravagant shapes into a large vegetable, and spending a load of money. According to the latest figures, consumers will spend just over $1 billion dollars on Halloween this year, and that's just the adults! OLD FAITHFUL 13.4% of women will dress as witches this year With the sheer range of costumes available in 2013 it might come as a surprise for you to learn that 13.4% of ladies will be vamping up on the 31st and getting their witch on. This figure is more than double any of the other old favourites. The witch look suggests you are a bit of traditionalist and a long way from a risk-taker. 309,980 THE MORPH £309,980 on morph suits! This is the projected UK sales figure for the full head and body suit craze that is the morph outfit. The bright colours are eye catching but is the anonymity afforded by the mask a truer indication of how in the UK Halloween is a holiday which we are still yet to fully embrace? POP CULTURE 1.8 MILLION people searched for "Halloween" on Google over the Halloween 2012 period. For those who want to eschew this particular brand of crackers and look cool while heading out on Halloween, the pop culture look is a winner. A Heisenberg pork pie hat can be picked up from as little as £10 and the tighty-whities will be found at the back of most underwear drawers. 1IN S PEOPLE SEX SELLS One in five people in the UK believe that trick or treating should be banned, but a ban on dressing up would probably break a few hearts. Sexy nurses, maids and muscle bound superheroes are all popular choices for older Halloween fans. OVER THE TOP The Michael Jackson classic Thriller is the number one song played at Halloween and it appears some people think they can still audition as an extra. A full Chewbacca suit or a made-up re-creation of that the guy from Star of people will get their costume Trek is probably going a bit too far. 8.9% idea from Facebook 7 KHEW IT VAS HALLOWEEN, HONEST 22% of the UK population who thinks Halloween should be cancelled It would be best for all concerned if instead of trying to pass off that old bed sheet as a last minute costume you just owned up to being a part of the 22% of the UK population who thinks Halloween should be cancelled all together. GET OVER IT $307 MILLION is what Americans are said to spend on their pets' Halloween related gifts over this period. Costumes which hark back to your heroes of the 80s and 90s are not usually cool – they're dated. Tom Cruise in Top Gun is wrong. Rambo's not working either. Flashdance? Fail. TOO MUCH TIME ON YOUR HANDS 100,000 packs of Spooky Snowballs should be flying off the shelves at Àsda this Halloween if they have done their homework properly People clearly do invest in ready-made costumes and treats in order to satisfy the demands of the holiday. You might look absolutely amazing in your home-made skeleton costume that faithfully replicates every bone in the human body, but is there nothing better you could be doing with your time? THE DEJA VU Are you really sure that the scary IT clown costume you wowed people with in 1995 is still standing the test of time? You have 2.5% options. Mix it up a bit. boost on sales over the Halloween period for UK supemarkets. THE SUPERHERO Superheroes are a staple of all Halloween parties. X-men, Avengers, Batman, or even Catwoman. Youll look great, if not entirely original, but be warned that wearinga costume if often a way of exploring who you aren't! WIWINI.JUSTPOSHMASKS.COM

What Your Halloween Costume Says About You

shared by joe.shervell on Oct 27
A guide to some of the classic halloween costumes, how much people should spend and what your costume says about you.


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