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What Your Choice Of Fragrance Says About You

What Your Perfume Says Abait Yaur Personality HE SCENT VIVA LA Sì Res JUICY COUTURE Eas de Prfam Sprgaporinatru GIORGIO ARMANI 34 FL OZ 100 le Citrus Lovers Lead the Pack If you gravitate towards citrus-based fragrances like BOUCHERON Boucheron - Place Vendome, than PLACE VENDOME you are strong minded, ambitious, natural leaders. You may be viewed as dominant and aggressive. BOUCHERON BOUCHERON Rose Wearers are Cautious YARDLEY These people are introspective and sensitive to the need of others. They are naturally cautious and considerate. They take time to reflect on your decisions instead of simply diving right into the action. Perfume like - Yardley - English Rose YARDLEY ENGLISH ROSE 125ml e 4.2 fLoz. Lavender Fans Make Great Friends If you love wearing lavender-scented products like - Calvin Klein (CK) - Obsession, we predict that you have a huge, OBSESSION for men OBSESSION Termen close-knit network of friends. People who prefer lavender tend to be sexually reserved, but curious Calyin Klein Calvin Klein 4L OZ nolinvio) individuals. Vanilla Types Aren't vanilla At All You're probably thinking that people who like vanilla are bland, 'blah,' and have a vanilla personality, but we found just the opposite! People who like vanilla are lively, energetic, the life of the party - they're anything but vanilla. Perfume like - Vera Wang - Princess. Drincns princess Sandalwood Wearers Are High-Achieving Ifyou gravitate toward sandalwood perfume - Gucci - Bamboo, we know that you're a total perfectionist. You've been your biggest critic your entire life. Your type-A personality GUCCI GUCCI has helped you excel in academia, athletics, and your career. Fruity Fragrance Fans Are Moody We imagined that people who wear fruity perfumes would be as sweet as the strawberry scent on their necks - but apparently we were mistaken. "They tend to be more irritable, cranky, and pessimistic. Perfume like - DKNY - Delicious DELICIONS DKNY DONNA KARAN NEW YORK EAU DE TOLEME SP /PORSOEUR 17 FLOL/02. LIO /50 mle Delights Fruity Rooty. Sartorialists Can't Get Enough of Coconut We know a coconut fan when we see ANGEL one, because coconut lovers are the most stylish and fashion-forward bunch of them all. "They're Thieny Mugh immaculate dressers that can be LES ÉTOILES NON RESSOURÇABLE thought of as wearing expensive jewelry. They're authoritative leaders who take charge in situations. Perfume like - Thierry Mugler - Angel. THE NON REFILLABLE STARS EAU DE PARSUM Linen Lovers Are Drawn To Challenges If you smell of linen - find it in WETE LINEN scents like - Estee Lauder - White Linen. You're someone who runs marathons for fun. People are amazed that you're always training for something extraordinary. You enjoy pushing your endurance to the limits, and you have an “anything is achievable with hard work" attitude. Gardenia Wearers Are Stable Has anyone ever described you as their "rock?" Are you never one to Fars flake, but rather, always follow through on set plans? If this sounds familiar, we have a feeling you love the smell of gardenia like - Creed - Fars de Gorden CREED Fleurs de Gardenia. Gardenia lovers are steady and dependable. Jasmine Fans Are Wild ICHABL NORS Jasmine aficionados - fans of Michael Kors Glam Jasmine, perhaps - are similar to vanilla-wearing people, but they take their fun a step further. "They crave novelty, and enjoy new and exciting adventures. They're provocative and can be thought of as partiers who enjoy a SST. 1981 good time. Reference - FRAGRANCES COSMETICS PERFUMES LCOM f 8+ FragrancesCosmeticsPerfumes fcpshop +FragrancescosmeticsperfumesUK FCPerfumes BC GLAM JASMINE MICHAEL KORS

What Your Choice Of Fragrance Says About You

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Your perfume should be a reflection of your personality. Find out what your choice of perfume says about the type of person you are. There's interesting data linking your perfume choice to your person...


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