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What will the year of the Wood Horse mean for you?

YEAR OF THE WOOD HORSE 2014 is Year of the Wood Horse and it will arrive on February 3, 2014 in United States Standard time zones. In Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is a sign marked by great personal magnetism, action and optimism in life. When associated with an element like Wood, all these traits take on a deeper and more humane attitude. Traits of the Horse: Patient Creative Hard-working Charismatic Flexible Social Confident Influential STRENGTHS OF THE YEAR: The wood element adds the inherent ability to discipline thoughts for systematic thinking. Make the most of the year and do more than talking the talk, walk the walk. Known for their liveliness and progressive personality, expect a busy social schedule full of adventure! Horses are pretty clever and can get the hang of new things easily. Multitasking comes natural. So, if you have wanted to take up a novice skill, now is the time. Direct and forthright networking in an area where you are passionate will probably get you more positive attention than previously. WEAKNESSES FOR THE YEAR: The Wood Horse's need for independence can be detrimental; therefore they would do well to be more discerning and cautious before making long-term decisions. Freedom loving, the horse might impose the feeling of stress and anxiety a little more as limitations arise. Year of the Horse Influences on other Signs This year isn't particularly lucky for you in areas of love or career. However, be patient and focus your attention inward on yOu and the rewards are sure to surface. Be open and flexible and opportunities will follow. RAT Career success is in store for yoU, so long as you don't over commit to too many projects. Love, wealth, and health are anticipated to be better than last year. Open your mind and heart, you might be surprised by the joy that fills it. OX If you can keep yourself grounded and carelessness in check, success in your endeavors is slated for 2014. It has the promise of increasing your income, having a nourishing and exciting love relationship, and the personal health stamina to keep up with it al! TIGER Trust your intuition and take heed of work opportunities and work smarter, not harder. Your health and wellbeing are in line with your personal outlook, so keep it positive. If you have been awaiting a big event in your professional life or love relationships, the stars are set for it to happen. RABBIT Strong will and determination will get you everywhere this year, so stay focused! Its best to be cautious with income and investments. Love life might require extra attention if it is a priority for you. Basically, 2014 will be what you make of it, so pull from your inner self and make it a vibrant one! DRAGON Take care of yourself and the rest will follow. Outlook for love, money and life in general is optimal. So speak up if you are ready for career advancement or step up in commitment level in your personal relationship, all is possible! SNAKE No drama is good drama is what 2014 is about for the horse people. Timing is everything, so being patient is key when it comes to your career. Love life brings plenty of opportunities for happiness and tranquility. HORSE Brace yourself, 2014 is expected to be excellent! Lots of affirmative energy in your career life which will give you the recognition and growth you deserve. If you are single, this might be the year you find that special someone. Committed couples deepen their bond further. 233255 "... .. SHEEP 2014 holds many opportunities to seize! Career and wealth go hand in hand, be ready to take on more projects to gain more income. Love life is expected to be fair, so keep up whatever it is you are doing. Get your suitcase ready, travel is expected. MONKEY You are a lucky one! Whatever you set your mind to, prosperity and SUccess will come. Keep yourself balanced and find whether your focus is in love, business, travel, or all of the above. Then, reaffirm your energy with your actions. ROOSTER Mixtures of good and bad dynamisms are predicted. Welcome the good, let the bad roll off your back, it's nothing you can't handle. Financials are expected to improve and career goals targeted. For a strong love life foundation, keep your mind and heart clear and calm. DOG Grow your money stash by being proactive and progressing your career. 2014 has an extra luck in attracting and keeping a special love relationship. Lots of auspicious energy is available to you, should you choose to tap into it. PIG Famous People Born in the Year of the Wood Horse: Denzel Washington Jackie Chan Condoleezza Rice Actor, choreographer, comedian, producer, stuntman, director, martial artist and Mandopop singer who has won over 25 film awards. Actor, producer and director who won an 66th US Secretary of State who was the first female African-American to hold the position as Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the 2001 film, well as the second Training Day. African American and second woman. John Travolta Jerry Seinfeld Oprah Winfrey Actor, singer, and dancer who won the Golden GlobeAward for Stand-up comedian, producer,actor, and writer who co-wrote the sitcom Seinfelad with Lary David from 1989-1998. She became the most influential woman in the world for The Oprah Winfrey Show Best Actor for hisrole in the 1995 film, Get Shorty. What the element of Wood means and how it affects other elements: Fire, you're in luck! Water has been Wood has a favorable known relationship with Fire as it comes right before this to bring Wood up Metal can cut and make them wood, element. If you put the two together you will get a big blaze! but has a a better person. tendency to become dll before they can fully break a wood Earth and Wood have a calm and reliable relationship together. Known for their logical way of thinking, this pair usually gets along just fine. person down. Horse Years: (1906, 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026) Born in the Year of the Horse? 01. Health Encouraged protecting their liver and engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle (running, hiking, etc). Almost always they are gifted with great physical constitution. 02. Nature Horses are impulsive by nature. They tend to fall quickly for kindness. On the other hand, when a relationship ends; their sociable nature, Positive thinking and friendships help them move on a little more easily. 03. In relationship Ardent lovers and love to regale their partners with their spirit, strength and humor. 04. Compatibility Matches People born in the years of Dog Tiger Sheep Rooster 05. Advice Unlike other Chinese Zodiac signs, Horses do not have extra luck on their side in their own year. What you do have though, is more energy and creative genius! So, formulating strategy about the best times to act on a situation will go a long way. Put that extra thoughtfulness into action and reap its rewards Career Their strong people skills and adventurous nature could go far in careers such as: JOURNALISM RESEARCH SPORTS SALES Mi BUSINESS ADVERTISING COMMUNICATIONS COUNSELING For more information visit: SOURCES: ttp:// /horse/8488/wood-horse-chinese-astrology alignedStgns 1954.html get • to • know • you 父

What will the year of the Wood Horse mean for you?

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The year of the Wood Horse begins on February 3, 2014. In Chinese Zodiac, the Horse is a sign marked by great personal magnetism, action and optimism in life. When associated with an element like Wood...


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