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What Type of Couponer Are You?

WHAT KIND OF A-B COUPONER ARE YOU The worldwide coupon revival has begun. More than 78% of consumers identify as regular coupon users. And in the first half of 2011 alone, Americans saved $2 billion with coupons. So, where do you fit in? Consider the spectrum of classic couponers: COLLECTOR THE The Collector is the master of the coupon. The one who sees and collects all in the world of savings. INDICATORS: A-B Alphabetized binders, trusty scissors, and non-couponers that supply extra coupons. THE COLLECTOR'S KIND OF COUPON: $1 Coupon for $.72 Sun-Bird Seasoning Packets. Leaving an overage profit 10 of $.22 on every item. THE COLLECTOR KN OWS ALL. SEASONAL THE The Seasonal stocks up on sales based on the time of the year. INDICATORS: 2012 2013 2012 2013 A calendar, a thermometer, and some holiday spirit. THE SEASONAL'S KIND OF COUPON: $1 for 1 bottle of Heinz Ketchup originally priced at $2.89. (Only offered during barbecue season.) ATHLETE THE The Athlete coupons for the love of the game. INDICATORS: A sweatsuit, multiple shopping carts, and a calculator. THE ATHLETE'S KIND OF COUPON: $5 off 5 Boxes of Kellogg's Cereal originally priced at $2.50, a 40% discount. COUPON DIVA THE The Coupon Diva has savings swagger for days and knows how to flaunt it. INDICATORS: Gucci shades, hands full with bags, and a signature sneer. THE COLLECTOR'S KIND OF COUPON: 20% off a $350 Coach Tote Bag, making it $280. PRODIGY THE The Prodigy is a tween or teenager that joyfully coupons with their future in mind. INDICATORS: Frugal parents, coupon decorated locker, and checkout giddiness. THE PRODIGY'S KIND OF COUPON: $2 off a $4 °EXTREME COUPONING bottle Febreze. Featured on Extreme Couponing, 16 year old Joel owns enough laundry detergent to last well beyond college. CONVERT THE No longer blind to coupons, The Convert has just begun a life of smarter shopping. INDICATORS: Couponing paper cuts, hero worship, and BOGO induced trembling. THE CONVERT'S KIND OF COUPON: CRAFT Free Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Product Coupon. (Priced at $1.28.) WE ALL HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE. Got all the know-how of The Collector? Lifting 24 packs of toilet paper like The Athlete? Or more like The Convert, eager to start couponing? Whoever you are, clipping or printing coupons and putting them to good use will save you tons on daily expenses. Trends even suggest that by the end of 2013, 2 in every 5 U.S. adults will use online coupons. The coupon is certainly back and now's the time to discover your couponer identity and start saving. END Brought To You By: COUPONS.ORG According to the U.S. Mid-year 2011 Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Coupon Facts Report Geuss, Megan (October 2010), "First Coupon Ever", Wired 18 (11): 104 ------

What Type of Couponer Are You?

shared by kthorspear on Mar 21
This graphic shows setches of the different types of couponers. From the coupon Convert just starting on her way to big deals, do the Collector whose trusty scissors slash his grocery bill, coupons ar...



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