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What Role Should Individuals and Nations Play in Global Church Planting?

DO YOU KNOW... THE MOST STRATEGIC WAY TO FURTHER THE CHURCH PLANTING MOVEMENT? Let's look at the global picture together! THE BIG PICTURE If we need 1 evangelical church for every 1,500 people in urban populations... Then between 5-20 million new Evangelical CHURCHES are needed in order to reach the world ... AND AND 1 for every 500 in rural populations.. Data suggests that we need between 25 to 100 believers to plant a new church in the right place. Church planting will be most effective when believers through- out the earth work together and help each other. So how can outsiders best help? It depends on the country. TYPES OF HELP PIONEER: Outsiders often lead church planting initiatives when in-country evangelicals are few. PARTNER: Outsiders and in-country evangelicals partner together, and either group could be leading. SUPPORT: In-country evangelicals will lead and work with outsiders to define what support is needed. ENCOURAGE: In-country evangelicals do all of their national church planting work, but may need support and encouragement to take on global church planting needs. CHALLENGE: These countries should be taking a strong initiative in national and global church planting. If they are not, outsiders should exhort them to action. HOW OUTSIDERS CAN HELP PIONEER PARTNER SUPPORT ENCOURAGE CHALLENGE MAJOR MOVEMENTS These 11 movements of believers together should give us more than half of the new churches we need. U.S.A. Pakistan China Nigeria Ethiopia Bangladesh India Send internationally Brazil Indonesia Spread out within their own country Receive help from international partners Source: Global Church Planting Network Fill the Earth w Faith.pdf Brought to you by our sponsor: WATERSTONE┬╗ To find more infographics from GMI visit gmi Transforming Assets into Living Water

What Role Should Individuals and Nations Play in Global Church Planting?

shared by GMIMissiographics on Oct 28
What needs to be done by whom in order to plant the churches required to bless all corners of the world? When could/should that work be international? That is a complex question that requires a global...


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