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What O' Clock Are You?

WHAT O'CLOCK ARE YOU? CHOOSE YOUR ALARM CLOCK PERSONALITY TYPE Alarm clocks of some kind have existed since people have had jobs. Although we're not always happy when that alarm clock slices through our gentle slumber, all of us would agree that an alarm clock is a useful device. But not everyone has the same attitude towards their alarm clock. That's why we thoughtit'd be interesting for you to identify... your Alarm Clock Personality. 01.00 THE MOBILE PHONE ADDICT 02.00 THE OVER- ACHIEVER 11 12 1 10 03:45 8:45 83% of all 18-29 year olds use 24% of people sometimes their mobile phone as an alarm clock. wake up before an alarm goes off. 03.00 THE GREEDY SLEEPER 04.00 THE SNOOZE BUTTONER 120 10 Alarm 3 Clock 07008 Women hit the snooze button slightly more than men - around 5% of women are still not fully awake after hitting the snooze button four times, while 100% of men are fully awake by then. 20 minutes Women need more sleep at night than men. 05.00 THE PROCRASTINATOR 06.00 THỂ TRADITIONALIST 1 12 Almost 10% of people ignore 23.3% of people still use a traditional alarm clock to wake up and 14.9% use a clock radio. their alarm at least three times in the morning. 07.00 THE NATURALIST 08.00 MR. STATUS QUO 7:04 ,50% of people aged More than over 55 wake up naturally- without the use of an alarm clock or any other aid. The average time an alarm clock is set for is 7:04 am. 09.00 MR. WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND 10.00 MŞ. FALSE ALARM MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT SUN 81%0 of people use an alarm clock Men are more likely to forget to set an alarm than women (55.4% of men vs 46% of women) but every weekday, but not at the weekend. women are more likely to set their alarm for the wrong time (49% of women vs 43% of men). 11.00 THE CHUBBY UNDERSLEEPER 12.00 THE ONLINE CLOCKER ONLINE CLOCK.NET Getting less than 5 hours sleep a night can result in 6% higher calorie intake a day. Inrecent months, up to 1.34 million unique visitors (per month) have used the Online Alarm Clock at BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE WORLD'S ORIGINAL ONLINE ALARM CLOCK AT ONLINE CLOCK.NET SOURCES HTTP://TODAY.YOUGOV.COM/NEWS/2011/05/05/BROTHER-DO-YOU-HAVE-TIME/ HTTP://NEWS.02.cO.UK/?PRESS-RELEASE-MAKING-CALLS-HAS-BECOME-FIETH-MOST-FREQUENT-USE-FOR-A-SMARTPHONE-FOR-NEWLY-NETWORKED-GENERATION-OF-USERS HTTP://Ww.APARTMENTTHERAPY.COM/D0-YOU-SLEEP-WITH-YOUR-CELL-PH-127903 HTTP://COGSCISTACKEXCHANGE.COM/QUESTIONS/1366/DO-PEOPLE-WAKE-UP-FASTER-WITH-INCONSISTENT-ALARM-SOUNDS HTTP://TOMHUME.TYPEPAD.COM/TOMHUME/2011/12/DESIGNING-A-BETTER-ALARM-CLOCK-IN-PUBLIC.HTML HTTP://Www.PEPSICO.CO.UK/OUR-COMPANY /MEDIA-CENTRE/NEWS-AND-COMMENT/ALARM-SPREADS-AS-BRITS-REFUSE-TO-GET-OUT-OF-BED HTTP://BLOG.BUFFERAPP.COM/HOW-MUCH-SLEEP-DO-WE-REALLY-NEED-TO-WORK-PRODUCTIVELY RIING! RUING! RIING! RINGI

What O' Clock Are You?

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0 comments researched human behavior relating to alarm clocks and came up with some general Alarm Clock Personality Types. Their research culminates in the question, "What is YOUR alarm clock per...


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