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What Makes a Great Leader

A look at the BEST LEADERS IN BUSINESS WHAT MAKES A GREAT BUSINESS LEADER? Leading a successful business or a team takes hard work and a broad range of skills. But who exactly are the best leaders, and how do you become one? Here at Corporate Coach Group we wanted to showcase those making big waves in business, but more importantly, the skills you need to get there. The Best Business Leaders in the World Chairman and President of the Trump Organization LEADERSHIP STYLE AGE Facihitator of Ideas NET WORTH Donald TRUMP $7 BILLION Business Magnate & Entrepreneur LEADERSHIP STYLE AGE Smuation-Led 65 NET WORTH Lord Alan $1.4 BILLION SUGAR Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group LEADERSHIP STYLE AGE 62 Charismatic Leader NET WORTH Sr Richand $4.2 BILLION BRANSON Chairman and CEO of Facebook LEADERSHIP STYLE AGE Tranformationah 28 NET WORTH Mark $9.4 BILLION ZUCKERBERG Chairwoman and CEO of Harpo Productions and The Oprah Winfrey Network LEADERSHIP STYLE AGE 59 Transformationah NET WORTH Oprah WINFREY $2.7 BILLION Ashe the Experty What Makes A Great Leader? We asked 5 influential men and women from business and leadership to tell us their views: JENNY KEVIN EIKENBERRY Leadership Expers FLINTOFT Leadership and Business Comsuiant What Makes A Great Leader? What Makes A Great Leader? Skill Sets Leadership is a complex set of skills and competencies Influences Watching and listening to your team Identify what each person needs in order to thrive Others to follow in a valuable and worthy direction Specific Skills All the specific skills required are, in the end, needed to accomplish this goal Integrity Making decisions that sometimes go against what others want you to do Best Leadership Advice Bravery and courage When the going gets tough, bravery and courage are needed The best leaders are externally focused. Smile! Be a human Warmth, encouragement, positivity and build relationships Leadership isn't about you.... It is about those you lead, and where you are headed Encouragement Through your own actions - reflect what you want to see reflected LIZ JACKSON FAVORITE LEADERSHIP QUOTE Founder and MD of Crear Cuns Markeing What Makes A Great Leader? Choran You can tell alot abot a leader by the way they . treat a waiter. Best Leadership Advice Communication skills Describe where you're going, and what is needed of each team Belief member to reach the team's goal In what you're doing and share that belief eloquently Highly Driven Leading is hard and requires a huge amount of energy and determination Communication Articulate what you're doing and why. People need context. Sense of Joy When Others Succeed Be driven by building something and love it when your team achieve the impossible! Honesty If you've messed up, SAY SORRY. Deal with it, rebuilt trust and move on. Thick-Skinned Making hard decisions means that leaders will not always be liked all of the time Self-secure Have confidence in yourself and the decisions you make. ADAM STONE FAVORITE LEADERSHIP QUOTE CEO of Rokile Media A leader is one who knows the way. goes the way, and shows the way. What Makes A Great Leader? - John C Maxwell Solving Problems Even when the task looks impossible to everybody else Best Leadership Advice Embrace the skills of others Behaviour breeds behaviour The way a leader conducts themselves will be emulated all the way through an organisation Even when they are superior to your own Courage and Humility To stand up to the toughest situations and to admit when you are wrong Passion For what you do and an ability to stoke passion in others KATE CRAIG-W OOD Co-Founder and Managing Director of Memseto Good Karma Share your success with those less fortunate than yourself What Makes A Great Leader? FAVORITE LEADERSHIP QUOTE Success belonge to the person who gehs up more ├╝mes than they're Drive Be the visionary, driving things forwards, leading the charge kenoched down. Integrity Honesty, a fierce loyalty to your team and morality in business -Justin Miles Best Leadership Advice Courage Often making a decision is more important than making the right decision Hard Work There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for being a good leader, but if people look to you for the following, Success comes from simple hard work, and you should set the example then the chances are you're already one: Inspiration Inspire your team by demonstrating the above qualities Guidance When they can't see a way forward Support When they feel like giving up FAVORITE LEADERSHIP QUOTE Reassurance I am eniraordinardy pamerh, provided I ger my oumn way in the end.O When they have to make a tough decision Your warmth When they just need a friend - Margaret Thatcher Best Leadership Advice Take charge, be decisive, be the leader CORPORATE Always share your reasoning COACH GROUP Welcome input Launched in 1997, The Corporate Coach Group are a management and leadership training company, created to help foster the necessary management skills and principles. 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What Makes a Great Leader

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A list of some of the world's greatest leaders and a look into what makes a great leader.




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