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What to know about Halloween

What to know about Hall ween October 31 is Al Hallows' Eve, also known as Halloween, one of the most popular celebrations around the globe, especially for children Origin The Samhain Celtic feast celebrating the end of summer. This was the day the Gods drew near to the Earth, and a thanksgiving day was held for the harvest. Christian tradition Early Christian missionaries chose to hold a festival at this time of year in an effort to absorb Today the Pagan celebration. The popularity of the event has grown and grown, but figures in the UK are still tiny compared to the USA. AK Figures in the UK Spending in Halloween goods 26.3M 23 potential doors to knock (number of households) 7.02M fold increase potential trick-or-treaters (children 5-14) To £280M in 2010 From £12M in 2001 Halloween: A history Once upon a time., Nowadays. For the Samhain, the Celts wore Children usually go in disguise, dressed as costumes, typically consisting of animal heads and skins. monsters, zombies and other creepy characters. Irish immigrants amrived in the USA in the 19th century, and decorated tumips and potatoes inspired by the character "Stingy Jack'. Jack-o'-lantems made out of pumpkins are the most popular icon of the celebration. In the Middle Ages, people dressed as ghosts Children go door-to-door trick-or-treating and gathering sweets from the houses of the and other malevolent creatures, and performed in exchange for food and drink. community. Halloween around the world Ireland Oiche Shamhna Wales Nos Galan Gaeaf Spain Tosantos Hong Kong Yu Lan In the south of Spain, the food markets Dress the People leave food chicken, pork or fish like people Means 'Feast of the Bonfires to keep away evil spirits and baking "Barnbrack' (a sort of fruit bread) make Halloween unique People place stones with their names on Hungry Ghosts'. in and around the fire. for their ancestors If any stone were to go missing, that person would die. to appease the ghosts. to recreate in Ireland. scenes. England Mischief Night Greece Apokries Philippines Mexico Día de los Muertos Undás It's a kind of carnival Families return to Treacle-smearing, egg-throwing, gate-stealing. Mischief-makers similar to Halloween, but takes place in The 'Day of the Dead' celebrates life witha their respective provinces to clean and repair family tombs and to pay their respects. colourful feast anda February and lasts for three weeks. prepare for an annual night of mayhem. large number of rituals involving flowers, candles and skulls. Most popular costumesy delights. Zombie Batman Spidermar Cheerleader Transylvanian Vampire Skeleton Witch Beetlejuice Costumes demand in the UK Google Trends Index WITCH VAMPIRE ZOMBIE DEVIL PUMPKIN 100 100 80 60 45 40 36 34 20 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 How to build a Jack-o'-lantern You'l! need... A short A dessert A candle or tea-light A pumpkin sharp knife spoon Cut a circular 1 hole around the stalk. Scoop out the seeds and any loose flesh using the dessert spoon and the knife if needed. Sketch the face onto 3 your pumpkin and cut out the features with small cuts and puncturing rather than slicing. Using the knife, mark 4 a circle the size of your candle or tea-light in the centre of the base and hollow the area with the teaspoon. Place your candle in the hollow, light it and replace the lid of your jack-o'-lantern. # HomeAway.couk- Graphic This is Visual Sources

What to know about Halloween

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Facts and curiosities about Halloween. Potential trick or treats in the UK, Halloween history, costumes demand, celebrations around the world, how to build a jack-o'-lantern




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